Rapidly Growing Bitcoin.Com Makes Entry Into DeFi With Proposal Of Selling ‘VERSE’

One of the leading crypto trading and information platform namely Bitcoin.com has reportedly made entry into the Defi by offering to hose sale of newly sent live utility token called ‘VERSE’.

VERSE rewards will be given to those who will use Bitcoin.com’s platform for engaging with and learning about digital currencies.

Bitcoin.com Enters DeFi with a Bang

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The reward program has been particularly made for those who would choose to either buy, dispose of and store digital currencies or understand them. However, the participants must use Bitcoin.com’s platform for obtaining rewards.

Bitcoin.com is expecting that VERSE will expand its network because VERSE would be capable of hosting more than 35 million self-custodial digital wallets.

Such wallets shall be offered through the DeFi-ready multi-chain ready app on mobile phones.

The ecosystem of Bitcoin.com is a multi-award winning platform whose daily readers of crypto news are over 2.5 million.

According to Bitcoin.com, VERSE will enable users to access new and old services and initiatives of Bitcoin.com. Subsequently, the access will be further extended to decentralized products such as finance and technologies.

Mass Adoption of DeFi Is the Ultimate Goal

Bitconi.com remarked that the company has made its way into the new beginning by launching the sale of VERSE for the general public.

It also said that the mission of Verse will be taken further through utility and reward programs which would then bolster economic growth and independence.

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Dennis Jarvis, Bitcoin.com’s CEO said that through Verse they shall be able to serve novice, average, and pro-crypto users. The firm’s resources, cutting-edge technology and tools would ensure mass-scale adoption of DeFi.

The CEO further stated that they have put for sale 2% out of the 210 billion capped supply of VERSE.

It was further revealed that the sale shall commence at the moment when they are unlocked and shall remain on sale over a period of 18 months.

Prior to the recent sale, VERSE was earlier sold in a Sale A initiative which took place in May 2022.

At that time VERSE was able to dispose of 10% of its supply at a price of US$ 33.6 Million.

As regards the current sale, buyers would be able to acquire VERSE tokens at a price cheaper than the actual price because the sale is exclusively private.

It was further told that the sale shall end either in 30 days or at the time when 2% of VERSE’s supply has been disposed of.

Restricted Sale

VERSE will provide further benefits to the users of the Ethereum network, DeFi, and particularly the Verse Dex.

It goes without saying that there is a restriction on the sale of VERSE. The token will not be available for purchase by buyers from Japan, the US, and other non-approved areas.