PUBG Creator May Help Bring Huge Adoption To Major Crypto Spaces

Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG has turned out to be a crypto pro as he aims to provide huge support to the industry.

Greene is eager to bring the masses to the crypto-blockchain industry launching multiple products and services for gamers.

This way, Greene will be able to offer great support to the cryptocurrency sector by increasing its adoption chances.

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Brendan Greene Wants to Launch a New Game

The founder of PUBG has announced that he has plans for launching another game for the gaming community. However, this time, things would be much more interesting than they were for PUBG lovers.

Greene has revealed that he plans on launching a new game that will be powered by blockchain technology. The game will be hitting audiences of two major segments within the crypto-blockchain sector.

These particular segments would be the metaverse and the non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Artemis to Offer Metaverse and NFT Experiences

According to the latest statements by Brendan Greene, the next game he is currently working on is “Artemis”.

By playing the game, the users will be able to interact with a virtual environment that will be the size of the Earth. The game will offer a completely open-world gaming experience allowing players to play and make stuff in the game.

The blockchain industry has been constantly evolving and it is hitting many more spaces. The gaming sector is proving to be one of the most promising industries where the cryptocurrency industry will be able to expand by offering NFT and metaverse experiences.

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Brendan Greene Talked about His Plans in an Interview

It was on September 27 when Brendan Greene talked about the introduction of the new game. He stated that he has been witnessing a great adoption rate of NFTs and metaverse technology by game developers.

Blockchain technology has been offering the gaming sector the technology it needed to offer vast gaming experiences to users.

With the technology, the interaction level of the players would rise tremendously with virtual worlds, virtual items, and opportunities to make money.

The purpose of Launching Artemis

Per Greene, he wants to offer new gaming experiences and opportunities for the gaming community. He also wants to make things for the players quite challenging by having them actively create newer content.

The users will have access to different kinds of tokens, items, and in-game features based on non-fungible tokens, and the metaverse.

Greene stated that the users will be able to use these services, features, and items through the digital economy.

The game aims to offer players access to multiple traditional cryptocurrencies as well as newer cryptocurrencies they will be able to use in the economy.