Private Crypto Wallet To Accept New Users In Midst Of Token Rollout

Accredited Finance is accepting new users for its TradeFi (traditional finance) to DeFi (decentralized finance) digital asset custodian. The company itself is a Web3 cost-effective solution for digital asset management and wants to expand its platform during the launch of its ecosystem token.

Bringing DeFi and TradeFi together

The Accredited ‘wallet’ has just one simple purpose; unlocking the world of decentralized finance for everyone. It wants to do so by bringing traditional informed enterprises and individuals into the crypto world in an elegant and seamless manner.

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Joining the platform would allow the users to get access to insight and tools that would allow them to navigate the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) without having to leave the app at all.

The interface of the app is such that it feels less like a crypto wallet and more like a digital banking app. This is to facilitate the jump from the world of traditional finance to that of decentralized finance.

Previously, the Accredited Finance mobile app was only offered to a select user base that was established via a venture capital network.

However, now the ecosystem would finally be able to accomplish its goal of ‘DeFi for All’ when the crypto wallet becomes available to the general public.

Bespoke solutions

Not only does the Accredited Finance team offer the wallet, but they have also designed bespoke solutions for enterprises that wish to improve their liquidity even more.

Web3 financial vehicles are designed and then implemented while ensuring compliance and enterprises can use the app for managing their financial tools. A number of enterprises will be added to the system later in the year.

Since Accredited Finance wants to expand its ecosystem even further and bring in more people into the world of DeFi, it is introducing its own native token by the name of ACRDT. The aim of the token is to help the company in fleshing out its ecosystem.

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The token is to go on sale on July 25th and would be available till mid-August. The Accredited Finance mobile application can be used for accessing the token sale, or the company’s web dashboard.

Atomind, a boutique venture capital company, has led the presale of the ACRDT token privately up until now. The closed funding round has managed to raise a sum of $1 million.

Once the ARCDT token is launched, it would help in unlocking even more decentralized finance (DeFi) capabilities in the ecosystem of Accredited Finance.

The chief executive of Accredited Finance, Paige Horinek said that they wanted to develop an ecosystem that would provide traditional-minded investors a way to participate in the DeFi world safely and in a framework similar to traditional finance apps.

The CEO said that they already had 500 active users in less than a year and the launch of their utility token would help in advancing their vision. The company wants to create a bridge between the old world of TradeFi and the new and developing world of DeFi.