Prior to Official Launch, IMPT Token is Attracting Many Investors, Currently Exhibiting Gains

Dozens of cryptocurrencies are being launched into the cryptocurrency industry on a daily basis. However, not every crypto being launched in the industry is fated to experience a strong rally.

The major drawback for most of the newly launched cryptocurrencies is their real-world use. Most of the newly launched cryptocurrencies lack utility in the real world.

As a result, they are not able to survive for long in the cryptocurrency industry. Only a handful of new cryptocurrencies are able to see the light of day.

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IMPT Token is a Very Promising

The cryptocurrency market as well as the mainstream sector are anxiously waiting for the launch of a new cryptocurrency dubbed “IMPT”.

The token has already emerged as the headliner as it has already achieved what even the major cryptocurrencies are dying to achieve.

The developers behind the IMPT token have already partnered with multiple mainstream organizations and brands. As per the claims, deals have already been signed with over 10,000 brands and organizations.

Among the brands and organizations are tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Samsung.

A crypto that has already formed multiple strong partnerships with the largest tech companies is ought to challenge the major crypto.

The developers have stated that the launch of the IMPT token would also lower the pressure there is currently in the crypto market. As people run towards gains, they will forget about the crypto crisis for once.

Purpose of the Token

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The purpose of the token is to offer shoppers and brands as many climate tokens as possible. The credits generated from the tokens will be used to fund the eco projects.

The eco projects that the token’s credits will be funding are the ones already approved by third parties.

The credits will be used for many more purposes, other than funding the eco projects. The users can also buy the credits and sell them to others like any other cryptocurrency.

In addition to the above, the credits can be used for the acquisition of unique non-fungible tokens and to get the name of the spending parties on the leaderboard.

Phase 1 Presale

The developers claimed that they already sold all of the tokens they had designated for phase 1. The selling price of each IMPT token in the phase 1 presale was set to $0.018.

They have already launched the phase 2 presale and it is already seeing a spike in the trading price of IMPT. In phase 2, each IMPT token will be sold at a price of $0.023.

The developers have announced that the phase 3 presale would see the token being sold at $0.028, which will be a 55% increase from IMPT’s phase 1 price.

The token is set to launch in the first quarter of 2023 and analysts are predicting its price will skyrocket as it debuts on multiple exchanges.