Polkadot Says Kusama Is Now Ready For Hosting Parachains On The Network

Polkadot (DOT) is a platform that specializes in enabling diverse blockchains for the purposes of transferring messages. Thanks to its unique characteristics, Polkadot is considered to be a heterogeneous as well as scalable multi-chain technology. As of the time of this writing, DOT is currently trading at a price of $40.52, which is a 2.4% increase since yesterday.

The above-mentioned cryptocurrency’s protocol has been progressing ever since this past August, which was also around the time when the Rococo testnet had been launched by the project as well. Kusama is a sister chain to the platform, and as per the latest developments, it looks as if it is preparing itself for the eventual rollout of the anticipated parachains via the network.

Polkadot entering the final phase

Gavin Wood, the creator of both Kusama and Polkadot and Ethereum’s co-founder as well, stated that Polkadot shall now be entering the 4th and last phase of the mainnet launch. This launch will also include the deployment of parachains onto the previously mentioned Kusama network.

Wood further stated that Parity Technologies (Polkadot’s development arm, so to speak) had recently released a new upgrade for Kusama, which came to be known as ‘Polkadot Version 0.9’. This new upgrade will play a significant role in Kusama’s capability of being able to host the parachains.

Wood added that the process of the parachains being launched would go ahead after a complete external audit had been conducted on the abovementioned new version. The reasoning behind this is because it is imperative that Kusama be able to execute a single successful auction, at the very least. It should also ideally include crowd loans as well as be able to host at least a singular functional parachain.

Timeline remains ambiguous

As far as the timeline is concerned, Wood was unable to provide us with a particular timeframe. However, he does expect that the audit shall be finished ‘within the foreseeable future. This announcement also coincided with Kusama’s official website unveiling the 1st of 5 auctions a week ahead of schedule.

“We can anticipate the Polkadot auctions to arrive shortly after the auctions for Kusama are conducted successfully,” Wood stated.

As abovementioned, the rollout has been going on for nearly nine months now, and some investors are understandably becoming increasingly frustrated as they had anticipated that the rollout of the parachains would have taken place towards the beginning of 2021. This did not happen due to stability issues being experienced by the Rococo testnet.