Pikamoon Revolutionizes Gaming with $3.6M ICO

Key Insights:

  • Pikamoon aims to revolutionize Ethereum gaming with its immersive Pikaverse metaverse game.
  • The ICO raised $3.6M, showcasing the firm belief in Pikamoon’s future.
  • Players can earn rewards and withdraw them directly to their wallet or bank account.

Pikamoon, the trailblazing Ethereum blockchain game, is making waves. Besides amassing a robust $3.6 million in its ongoing ICO, it is accelerating the revolution in blockchain gaming. Consequently, Pikamoon is set to introduce the world’s most immersive metaverse game – a pioneering earning model.

Significantly, this model will enable players to cash in on their in-game rewards directly to their wallet or bank account, bypassing the need for an intermediary. Hence, Pikamoon is poised to become the most authentic metaverse game, providing players with a 360-degree view of the burgeoning virtual space.

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A Dual Blockchain Game with Breathtaking Features

The game draws its inspirational roots from classic games like Fortnite, Pokemon, and FIFA. It can flawlessly blend NFTs, video gaming, and metaverse amusement. Moreover, Pikamoon is designed on Unity, a premier game development technology, ensuring spectacular visuals and architecture for an authentic, immersive player experience.

Additionally, Pikamoon spans two blockchains, Ethereum and MultiversX. While Ethereum promises scalability, MultiversX furnishes efficiency and eco-friendliness by slashing carbon emissions from transactions. Hence, this dual blockchain attribute guarantees that the Pikamoon ecosystem can serve hordes of gamers seamlessly.

Gaming devotees and savvy investors firmly believe that Pikamoon is the next big thing in gaming. The quick selling out of the first two phases of the ICO underscores this conviction. In the final phase of the ICO, the PIKA token is selling like hotcakes at $0.0006.

Powerful Partnerships Forge Pikamoon’s Gaming Dominance

Partnerships with forward-thinking Web3 brands like Ethereum, Transak, Kevuru Games, Cryptonews.com, and MultiversX bolster the credibility of Pikamoon. This alliance of industry titans reaffirms the team’s dedication to carving out a standout gaming project.

Pikamoon is an attractive investment opportunity in the massive Ethereum blockchain gaming market. The PIKA token’s deflationary character is a major draw for investors. Every sell or transfer transaction in the Pikamoon ecosystem results in a 0.5% burn of the tokens, generating increased profits for long-term investors.

The current presale, with Ethereum as its base currency, has won the hearts of the Ethereum community. This seamless integration simplifies the investment process and fortifies the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

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About Pikamoon

Pikamoon aims to make metaverse gameplay thrilling and profitable for players of all ages. The Pikamoon metaverse, or ‘Pikaverse,’ offers players infinite possibilities to explore, battle, trade, and even earn a living within the game. Operating on Ethereum and MultiversX blockchains, Pikamoon ensures smooth and hiccup-free gameplay for every player. Pikamoon’s exclusive earning model lets players monetize gameplay effortlessly, securing its place as one of the top metaverse games.