Patriot Capital Review — Is it a Trusted Forex Broker?

Patriot Capital Review


Read our Patriot Capital review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. Patriot Capital is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

Patriot Capital Review

Patriot Capital logoHow common is it for traders to invest with a broker that seems lawful, only to find out later that they have been tricked into the trading practice just to have their money stolen? Making additional income has gotten pretty difficult lately, with so many brokers mushrooming by the hour.

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What’s even more deceiving is that most scammers emerge with a promising forefront, misleading traders of little experience to fall into their trap. This is where me and my team of expert traders step in.

For many years, it has been our mission to conduct comprehensive research on Forex and Cryptocurrencies brokers, as a way to spare fellow traders the nightmare of wasting their funds with a brokerage that claims to be authentic.

You see, we leave brokers no chance to lead us astray because we have a devoted team that examines every aspect of that brokerage. The result? Providing you with an accurate analysis that encompasses every feature of the broker under investigation, as well as testing that broker for you, in order to prevent you from hitting rock bottom.

In case you’re looking to invest in trading and actually earn money, you’ll want your broker of choice to tick all the boxes of a very long list of standards. But for the broker to actually be genuine, they’ll have to actually live up to their words and translate what they state in practice.

In this review, we’ll be judging Patriot Capital from all angles, to see whether this broker can be deemed legit or not.

Patriot Capital website

Everything we’ll tackle in our Forex broker review of Patriot Capital

My team and I have come up with a list that includes all the crucial aspects we study when putting any broker to test. Check out what we’ll be looking at when it comes to Patriot Capital.

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  • A brief of this broker
  • Their reliability and regulation
  • The fluidity of the withdrawals
  • How secure the deposits are
  • Assessing their trading platforms
  • An overview of the accounts
  • The bonuses they offer
  • A customer care appraisal
  • The scope of markets
  • The leverage they offer
  • The fees they charge
  • Our personal experience

Reviewing a broker is no easy job, it takes us around 15 days to fully examine each brokerage, in and out. Patriot Capital is no exception to this timeframe. Read on to learn all about this broker, from the honest standpoint of expert traders.

An introduction to Patriot Capital

The site of this Forex & CFDs online brokerage states that it is owned and operated by MaxxMedia LLC, and acknowledged by many universal jurisdictions.

But seeing that we, as a team of experienced traders, have come across many brokers that state false information on their webpage, we dug deep to see whether this company, which has offices in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is eligible and sincere. Discover what the team and I have found out.

Patriot Capital Trading Platform — Made for every trader

The first thing that hit us, as soon as we logged onto the Patriot Capital website, was its simple and seamless character that suggests an easy-to-use platform. Good first impression so far!

Moving forward, we learned that Patriot Capital was created by traders who have significant trading experience in the regulated world. For this reason, Patriot Capital mainly focuses on beginner and intermediate traders, which is why this broker has come up with a trading platform that is so simple to use.

For this reason, the Patriot Capital trading platform would suit all traders, and accordingly experienced traders wouldn’t face any issue either when trading with Patriot Capital.

After having tried it myself, I personally found it to be delightful for every trader, no matter your experience level. However, what really differentiates Patriot Capital’s Trading Platform from the rest is that it procures Risk Management tools, which spare you the trouble of losing your money, as the scenario with many scammers would go.

Seeing how inviting the Patriot Capital platform features promised to be, we now wanted to test if the expert team behind this broker passed judgment to what they claimed.

Patriot Capital trading platform

Patriot Capital does meet regulations

Upon registration, we had to read and agree to Patriot Capital’s Terms & Conditions. In fact, we advise all traders to thoroughly read the T&Cs of every broker before jumping into any trading activity. In doing so ourselves, we noticed that Patriot Capital isn’t regulated yet. However, this brokerage shows that they’re working towards being regulated. How? It’s because our worries were cut short before we knew it.

In fact, we witnessed how Patriot Capital conducts the same Know Your Customer KYC and Anti-money Laundering AML policies as regulated brokerages, following our first sign-up. At this point, the Compliance Team made sure that we are actually capable of trading before issuing their approval of our registration.

Moreover, we couldn’t help but notice how much this broker embraces all forms of honesty and credibility. As we were quite surprised to see the many obvious risk disclosures and disclaimers all over the Patriot Capital website.

Recalling the brokers we had reviewed before, we rarely came across brokers who openly let their traders know of the risks associated with trading, so that is a big PLUS! And that’s not all, it turned out that Patriot Capital has established a Legal Team that goes above and beyond to resolve any disagreements that might occur, despite the minimal chances of that happening.

Fair enough, because the extensive research we have conducted on Patriot Capital users (UX/UI) confirmed that disputes rarely happen when trading with this broker. When we contacted them claiming a complaint, the Patriot Capital team’s response was very polite, and they made sure to resolve the issue in a way that suited us both.

The Patriot Capital trading experience

Now that we had all that sorted with ease, it was time for us to register for an Patriot Capital trading account. Soon enough, we received a confirmation email and started trading. How did that go? Find out below.

  • A large scope of assets

Many brokers limit the trading activity on their platforms to the few markets and instruments they offer. While we all know that a limited trader cannot grow, we were pleased to find that this isn’t the case with Patriot Capital.

This broker puts all asset classes at your disposal, which is great for you as a trader. From my experience, I advise you to take full advantage of all the assets Patriot Capital offers, in order to develop your trading portfolio to its fullest potential.

Trade Forex, — which includes Majors, Minors, and Exotics, as well as the highly volatile Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin who is one of the most traded instruments in the world. You can also trade Shares such as Tesla and Amazon on the Patriot Capital Trading Platform, as well as a series of Indices such as the DAX, and even Commodities.

The great news when it comes to the markets Patriot Capital offers is that more than 200 instruments are awaiting you to trade away and grow your horizons!

  • Diverse account features

Not only does Patriot Capital offer a wide range of instruments to trade all the markets, but it also reflects that same variety in its accounts, to please all of its traders and give them room to gradually grow. Ranging from Standard, Core, Deluxe, Gold, Prime, Superior, to VIP, the features of each account allows you as a trader to choose what suits you, based on your experience level.

The 7 different account types provide you with some sort of safety and guidance to progressively advance through them. This is where we recommend that you increase your deposit until you reach the VIP level and become the best trader you can be with Patriot Capital.

  • Zero fees

What’s the point of making deposits to trade, if the fees on your deposited funds are countless? That is what brokers tend to unreasonably do. But no, not Patriot Capital! Here’s the big news. Patriot Capital charged us no fees and commissions when we experienced trading with it.

Unlike the numerous scammers who pretend to not charge any fees until you actually start trading with them, Patriot Capital proved to us, yet again, that it values honesty and has no hidden fees, so you can rest assured that you will be trading with full peace of mind. You might only have to pay an overnight fee, aka a SWAP, if you hold a short-term trade and want to keep it open overnight.

  • High leverage to make profits

Patriot Capital provides traders with one of the highest levels of leverage to support the chances of profit. From a minimum of 1:100 to a maximum that can even surpass 1:500. But if you’re new to trading, we advise you to speak with your Patriot Capital Account Manager, or Patriot Capital’s customer service team for more information on this subject.

They’ll guide you and give you advice on the best way to proceed without making a wrong trading move.

  • A great welcome gesture

Guess what? Patriot Capital welcomes you with a bonus of 100% on your first deposit and adds it to your account, following your registration and acceptance of the bonus terms and conditions.

Having taken full advantage of their deposit bonus, namely when we traded EURUSD and BTCUSD, we came across one of the most relieving aspects that sets Patriot Capital apart. For a fact, they don’t seek gains from young traders, but rather give you more rewards, the more commitment you show them.

Excellent withdrawals procedure

This is usually the deal-breaker when it comes to many other brokers that we have reviewed. Based on our personal experience, we can honestly say that we hadn’t seen such a smooth and speedy withdrawal procedure, namely for a broker that is still not regulated! If we were to rank it, this feature would definitely get a 5 out of 5.

Still, I did receive the standard security call to ensure that it was indeed me requesting the withdrawal, and this confirms how secure Patriot Capital really is.

Feel free to use the withdrawal options that suit you best from major credit and debit cards, — among which are MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro, or choose bank transfers, or even Bitcoin if you prefer that your identity remains anonymous.

Secure deposits

Deposits are also key in the trading world, as this is the first feature that mirrors the speed and security of the broker of your choice. Patriot Capital is a great example of how brokers should handle deposits, and you can mark my word on that.

Whenever we as experienced traders make our first investment, it usually varies from $1,000 to $5,000. With Patriot Capital, we deposited $5,000 thanks to the competitive trading conditions it provides., Even though we had to validate that we agreed to the terms and conditions, yet this is a very normal procedure.

With Patriot Capital, all the major credit and debit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro, as well as bank transfer and Bitcoin are available for you to make a deposit. Pick the transfer choice that suits you.

Exceptional support

Even though we had no reason to reach out to the Patriot Capital customer care team, we only did it to examine this highly important feature for you. Patriot Capital’s motto is peace of mind trading, and the broker does guarantee this through its amazing support team, who prioritizes traders over anything else.

Whenever you have any complaint, suggestion or enquiry, talk to this exceptional team who is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, from 4 am through to 4 pm, UK time. You can reach them through phone, email or Live Chat, and you won’t regret it. They got back to us in a flash, with a very kind and polite response.

The perks and drawbacks

Strengths Weaknesses
Super Fast Withdrawals

Easy-To-Use Trading Platform

Peace of Mind Trading

Safe & Secure Deposits

One-On-One Training

Outstanding Customer Care

Tailored Trading Services

Competitive Pricing

Low First Deposit

Biggest Range of Markets

Very Quick Execution

Zero Commission

No Hidden Fees

Traders in the USA cannot trade with Patriot Capital

Not regulated yet, but they’re working towards being regulated

A well-educated trader

Not only does this broker give you everything you need to become a master trader, but it also offers rich educational video content to boost your skills.

But that’s not all! Patriot Capital provided us with one-on-one training through our own Account Manager, who showcased a great amount of care in following up with us and guiding us throughout our entire journey, as well as explaining all we needed to know.

Talk full advantage of this great feature, especially if you’re a beginner!

Patriot Capital in a nutshell

As it’s a broker founded by traders, the Patriot Capital team obviously knows what we as fellow traders look for, and they seem to have created an almost impeccable brokerage.

With so many secure and encouraging features, starting from one of the best websites we’ve seen this year — Patriot Capital — to their “best-in-class” platform. Not to forget their seamless deposits and withdrawals that cannot be overlooked, nor the great Account Manager that followed up with us every step of the way.

We will certainly stick around at Patriot Capital and keep trading with it in English, French, German and any language they might make available if need be. Patriot Capital successfully passed the test and convinced us to continue to trade on the go, on our iPad, MacBook Pro, and more importantly, on our iPhone.

Most importantly, what made us come back and recommend it so badly is the peace of mind that Patriot Capital has, and that many others lack. We felt safe with Patriot Capital and collected our winnings within a relatively short period of time, which is a great indicator of reliability and honesty.

We, as a team of pro traders, hope to be able to spread the awesome features of Patriot Capital for every trader that comes across our review.

This Patriot Capital broker is raising the bar, even for regulated brokers!