Oryen Network Is Expected To Be Next Big Thing And Compete With CAKE And BNB

Oryen Network is a highly anticipated token as it has already started gaining so much popularity in the cryptocurrency market. Its popularity has already started sending waves all over the cryptocurrency industry.

Despite being a project in the early stages, Oryen Network has managed to generate a strong amount of attention from the cryptocurrency market.

Even the major players in the cryptocurrency market have started to take notice of the Oryen Network. It is expected that a strong foundation and demand have been laid for the network once it makes it to the real-time platform.

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ORY to Compete with BNB and CAKE

The native token on the Oryen Network is ORY and it is expected to gain a lot of traction when it is launched. Even before its launch, ORY is being compared with the likes of Binance Coin (BNB) and Pancakeswap (CAKE).

BNB and CAKE are already considered some of the hottest projects in the cryptocurrency industry. If ORY is being compared with the likes of these projects, then things may be quite promising for the project going forward.

Performance of BNB and CAKE

Although the entire cryptocurrency market has been in a state of turmoil, it still has not managed to impact Binance Coin and Pancakeswap.

Despite the bearish trends, these cryptocurrencies have performed well compared to the rest of the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

Then comes Pancakeswap which has performed even better and it currently has no other project matching its might and recognition in the market.

Even in the bearish market, CAKE is considered to be one of the most profitable and highly demanded platforms.

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Both BNB and CAKE have valuations much higher than $1 billion and are ranked among the top and major cryptocurrencies in the market.

Oryen Network

From the very beginning, Oryen Network has decided to do things quite interestingly. It has already patented one of its major products that are the Oryen AutoStaking Technic, commonly referred to as OAT.

The best benefit of being connected with the OAT is the users are eligible for the rebase payouts on a daily basis if they continue holding the ORY token.

The most prominent feature of the ORY token is that it is based on the positive rebase algorithm. This way, the users and holders of the token can see their portfolios expand significantly with continuation.

Surprisingly, the users are not required to lock their ORY (funds) in order to be eligible for the daily rebase payouts. Similarly, the users are not required to move their ORY tokens to any specific wallet before they can participate in the OAT.

The protocol has revealed that the daily rebase payouts the users would gain would be 0.177%. The annual percentage yield (APY) that the users can expect from the OAT is 90%.