OrbitGTM Review – An Investment Platform with Great Trading Opportunities

OrbitGTM Review


OrbitGTM provides all necessary extensive selection of trading platform options and a wide range of operations locally and internationally. OrbitGTM is best known for allowing its customers to trade in forex, crypto and CFD trading. OrbitGTM provides six types of trading accounts and the main purpose of these six different account types is to accommodate investors based on the amount of investment available with them.


Importance of Investment in Trading Industry

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OrbitGTM logoIn the modern world, the online trading industry has become one of the most attractive industry amongst the people who wish to invest their money and seek to get a good return of benefit. During Covid time, investors were unable to invest their reserves and the online industry provided them the medium they were looking for. Similarly for providing ease for trading to those investment seekers, OrbitGTM, an online brokerage/trading platform, provided such specialized trading services in digital assets, fiat currencies as well as CFD trading.

OrbitGTM provides all necessary extensive selection of trading platform options and a wide range of operations locally and internationally which ensures that the investors/traders will get more rewarding benefits by investing in all these trading products in a global online trading market.

OrbitGTM Review

Broker OrbitGTM
Trade Instrument Type CFDs
Assets Digital Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Forex
Account Types Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, VIP
Minimum Deposit 500 EUR
Savings Accounts Yes
Customer Support Phone, Email, Live Chat
Registered Yes
Owned and operated by Sundqvist AB Ltd

OrbitGTM logo

Why Should Anyone Become an OrbitGTM trader?

Due to immense high rise in digital currency in recent times which is still continuing since the beginning of 2020, everyone wanted to invest money in cryptocurrency more specifically in Bitcoin. More importantly, since 2020 till to date, Bitcoin’s value has immensely increased from US$10,000 to US$35,000. Those who invested in Bitcoin were very right because there decision at that time to invest money in Bitcoin allowed them handsome profits and they received good returns on investments.

Because OrbitGTM also provides for cryptocurrency trading therefore huge number of investors also turned their attention towards it. But that was not all, in fact OrbitGTM also offered them trading in other prominent cryptocurrencies as well such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. So whether anyone want to become a trader of CFD, forex or cryptocurrency then OrbitGTM is the perfect place to start trading career for many obvious reasons.

Secondly, in order to become an online trader, one would require to choose a broker which has to be the best of the best and most importantly provides multiple benefits. So we shall now look at some of the interesting features that are offered by this unique trading platform.

Rules, Regulations and Licenses

But before looking at features, let us first see the legal structure of OrbitGTM.

First of all OrbitGTM is a registered company under the relevant laws and strictly follows all rules and regulations in relation to its operations and services for its global traders.

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As far as other policies are concerned, the Orbit GTM fully compliant of those such as data management, compliance and transaction monitoring system for Know Your Customer, Anti Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism Policies that require every single trader to give proof of identity, address, and payment method before they are allowed to use the broker’s services. Also being a responsible person/entity it is duty of everyone to strictly adhere to all these global policies so as to keep the world and its residents safe.

OrbitGTM accounts

Account Opening with OrbitGTM

Because OrbitGTM is a globally renowned trading platform therefor it offers access to its website in multiple languges including in English, German, Danish, Swedish and Dutch.

Online trading is in trending these days and is one of those subjects which is heavily debated. The effects of Covid-19 have forced people to look for alternate sources where they could store their extra amount lying in their reserves or at least inject a portion of their amounts for meeting the challenges ahead.  When a client becomes a trader/member of OrbitGTM his/her registration is entered on the website and he or she can easily access the trading platform. The brokerage also maintains separate accounts for the clients, for the purpose of providing them easy access to investment opportunities through multiple trading.

However, before anyone can start trading career, he or she is required to obtain a trading account and gladly OrbitGTM has provided multiple account types. The opening of trading account depends upon the investment plans along with deposits limits. For that purpose, OrbitGTM provides different kinds of brokerage accounts for those who invest in a low deposit level and for those who invest significantly. OrbitGTM provides six types of trading accounts and the main purpose of these six different account types is to accommodate investors based on the amount of investment available with them.

Bronze Account

The first trading account is Bronze account which is suitable for first-time traders and for those who have less investment. It has less variety of features and services as compared with advanced trading account, but it is helpful in executing profitable trades. If a trader wants to open Bronze account, he first has to deposit €500 for activation of the account. The ultimate aim and object of this account is that it is best suited for beginners. Equally important is that this account will introduce a trader to each and every aspect of the trading so that the trader can learn and earn on the spot. In addition, personal account manager will guide you regarding this account.

Silver Account

If you have an investment and interested to invest an amount more than €5000 then Silver Account is the next choice. It provides more trading facilities than the previous one. For instance, in this account the personal account analyst is made available for the account holder. In addition, the trader will be allowed to attend the trading sections weekly and also have full access to the complete education center which consisted of helpful material such as videos, news, charts, magazines, calendars etc., which will be detailed later on.

Gold Account

The Gold account provides advanced trading facilities to the account holder. In this account, a trader must have brought forward €10,000 for trading and investment purposes. It is more updated and advanced than the Bronze and Silver accounts. If you are a holder of a Gold account, the senior account analyst is kept for you which will be at your disposal. It contains all the facilities as were provided in Bronze and Silver plus a holder of this account can attend 4 private educational sessions in which the trader will be able to learn the tricks to turn every trade into a winning trade.

Platinum Account

The next account type is Platinum Account which requires minimum funding of €25,000. The account holder of this account enjoys more facilities than the previous accounts. Instead of having Personal Account Manager, in Platinum the account holder is provided with Senior Account Chief who is experienced enough to brief you in arriving at sound financial decisions. Moreover, the account holder can attend weekly trading session and avail full access to education centre. But the most remarkable feature of Platinum account is 10 one-on-one education sessions.

Diamond Account

The next top of the line account is Diamond Account which is best suited for whom money isn’t the problem. For owning Diamond Account, a person would need to inject €50,000. The holder of this account will enjoy some extra features along with all those which were available in the Platinum Account. Under this account, the brokerage offers all the features of Platinum Account plus further new diverse benefits. For instance this account type allows its owner to maintain a Saving Account other than its primary trading account.

VIP Account

As its name, this is a unique account made for unique purpose for special people only. This requires injectment of €200,000. However, the features in this account cannot be compared with either of OrbitGTM’s accounts. This account is specifically designed for such traders who have gained years and years of trading experience and each of their trading venture is highly successful. So if anyone who thinks he or she is a pro-trader and would want to take his or her career to an extra mile, then certainly VIP account is the best option.

Importance of Trading Products

The next important aspect of understanding why OrbitGTM is the best online trading platform is that it offers number of trading products which give customers many options. OrbitGTM is best known for allowing its customers to trade in forex, crypto and CFD trading.


It is known worldwide that the forex trading is one of the most profitable trading. Above all, it is one of the most basic type of trading which does not involve any rocket science but even a beginner trader can do it with a little bit of knowledge. If one looks at the global trading volume, one would come to know that more than 5 trillion Dollars of transaction are done on daily basis through forex trading alone. Keeping in view this, OrbitGTM has also provided forex trading to its customers and simultaneously refining their skills and trading techniques to make most out of their forex trading.


It is noteworthy that only two markets have flourished during lockdowns in 2020 due to Covid 19 i.e. online retail industry and crypto industry.

Most of us know that Bitcoin was the first every digital coin and since then it has been leading digital currency world as of now. When it was introduced, it was purchasable under 1 US Dollar but now the value of Bitcoin has gone past US$ 35,000 dollars per coin. The rise of Bitcoin in 2020 also encouraged people to invest significantly in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is why OrbitGTM also received a number of Bitcoin investors who successfully conducted their crypto trading. In short anyone who wants to conduct Bitcoin and/or Ethereum (i.e. the second largest cryptocurrency of the world) trading, OrbitGTM provides a great platform for crypto trading.


The trading products for OrbitGTM do not end at cryptocurrency. In fact cryptocurrency is something which can be used for multiple purposes. One such purposes is CFD trading and of course CFD trading is possible on the basis of cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, OrbitGTM allows its customers to carry out CFD trading and majority of them have been earning great returns on their investments.

Corporate and Social Responsibility of OrbitGTM

The education of customers is very important factor in the trading world. However, majority of online traders intentionally neglect this important aspect and resultantly, the subject is becoming a rarity. But OrbitGTM has successfully introduced different education methods and if followed correctly, the customers can earn good profits and ensure good manners. OrbitGTM has ensured to provide maximum opportunity of education and guidance its customers so that they can learn ups and downs of the trading industry. OrbitGTM educates and guides its clients by using the sources of videos, books, updated news, trading calculator and economic charts.


These days when lockdowns have been implemented, one is not required to go to an institution and acquire knowledge. In fact learning can be done online as well and similarly OrbitGTM has provided helpful material in the form of videos so as to educate its customers in terms of understanding online trading through a different perspective. These videos comprised of several notable personalities from the fields of online crypto, forex and CFD trading and the customers of OrbitGTM can get inspiration from them.


Books also play a very vital role in a trader’s trading career because it is only through experience and knowledge that a trader can enjoy a successful career. At the website of OrbitGTM, OrbitGTM has ensured to provide number of books compiled by famous authors, analysts and experts from and within the trading field whose names are appreciated by all concerned.


The next item is news, which not only keeps a trader up-to-date but also lets him learn great deal about the market trending. There is a dedicated tab made available on the website of OrbitGTM wherein news from around the globe can be read by any customer of OrbitGTM.

Yet there are various options for OrbitGTM’s customers such as access to economic charting, trading calculator, forex indexes as well as cryptocurrencies indexes. These are all secondary features but help a great deal to any of OrbitGTM’s customers. For instance in crypto trading, the values of cryptocurrencies increase and decrease instantly. In order to earn from this volatility a customer of OrbitGTM has to remain extra vigilant to strike at the right moment to turn his crypto trading more fruitful and avoid risks.

OrbitGTM banking

Deposits & Withdrawals

As discussed earlier that in order to start trading at OrbitGTM a customer is required to open a trading account and each trading account requires its own pre-fixed funding to kick-start trading. There are several methods of putting in funds into the trading account and OrbitGTM provides a very easy and secure process for depositing funds. The funds can be transferred either through Visa or Master Cards or via bank transfer or that digital currency can also be used to fund the respective accounts.

In 2020, many of the world’s leading online trading platforms were not able to provide the services of deposit and withdrawals as per their customers’ wishes. Resultantly, these online trading platforms lost a number of their customers. In worst case scenario, customers came to know that they were engaged with fraudsters when they deposited funds and requested for withdrawals. However, as is explained in the beginning, OrbitGTM is running a lawful online trading business which is registered with the relevant authorities as well.

As simple as the depositing process, similarly the withdrawal process is very easy. All that is required from a customers is to generate an email from the registered email and send the withdrawal request to OrbitGTM’s team. Once the request is received at OrbitGTM’s end, the team of OrbitGTM’s trading platform then process the withdrawal request and after few verifications, the withdrawal request is accepted. Depending on the method of receiving refund, the customers is then provided with the funds he or she wanted. For instance, the funds transfer can be done either through bank transfer or any other allowed funds transfer method.

Usually a withdrawal request is fulfilled in less than 1 day, however, in case the transfer is selected through bank, then any banking transaction normally takes up to 3 to 4 days to complete. The most important thing to note is that OrbitGTM does not charge any fee or any sort of money on transferring the money into the account of the customer.

Trading Platform

The next important feature for any online trading platform is making available state of the art trading tools which not only provide ease of conducting trades but also lessen the burden on the customer as well. Without an efficient trading platform, it becomes exceedingly difficult and complex to execute trades that result in profit. Keeping in view the best interest of its customers, OrbitGTM has employed leading trading tools for trading purposes.

Firstly, OrbitGTM has provided WebTrader which is a trading tool exclusively developed by expert team of OrbitGTM. This WebTrader can be accessed online and offline and is equipped to deal with difficult and complex transactions with ease. Most importantly, it enables a customer to go through smart charting and market trends in order to assist the customer to explore more convenient and lucrative trading opportunities. The job of the customer becomes easy if he or she is able to use the WebTrader in its true sense. There are thousands of OrbitGTM customers who have been using this WebTrader tool without any problem and enjoying a successful trading career.

Secondly, there is yet another amazing trading tool which has been provided for the customers of OrbitGTM. This smart trading tool is mobile based and can be downloaded from the website of OrbitGTM without paying any money at all. The ultimate aim of this trading tool is to equip the customer to explore any potential trading opportunities without the need of logging into any computer or laptop. Instead it can be accessed directly from the mobile phone. Furthermore, the mobile trading tool can be downloaded at Android and iOS systems as well and is equipped to conduct trade transactions as efficiently as the Web Trader tool.

Thirdly, both of these trading tools are maintained and updated on regular basis so as to incorporate advanced technologies. In addition, both of them have been designed to provide user friendly interface and allow smooth trading experience.

Privacy Plan

The privacy of customer is most important thing for OrbitGTM.

OrbitGTM collects data from its customers in a very protective and secured manner. As far as the personal information is concerned, the personal information of a customer is strictly kept confidential. Since its inception there hasn’t been any single complaint received from the customer end in which the customer has reported that his or her data was shared with someone else. This is because the website of OrbitGTM is equipped with encrypted technology with secured codes which are impossible to be breached by any unauthorized person.

However, this unique trading platform is for those only who have attained the age of 18. Anyone under 18 years of age is forbidden to become a member of OrbitGTM’s trading community.

Customer Support

Orbit GTM provides 24 hours customer support a day and five days a week and through its customer support the platform has earned the confidence of customers. This is one of the most glaring feature of every platform which creates a good relationship between customers and the trading platform. This is also essential and necessary for customer building and this is why extra importance is drawn on this aspect by OrbitGTM.

There isn’t any problem which the customer support and assistance team of OrbitGTM cannot handle. Every problem is taken care of immediately when report by any customer. The primary source of contacting the customer support and assistance team is via telephone and email.  The customer support and assistance team can also be reached through various other means such as Whatsapp, Skype and other social media networks.


If anyone wants to become an online trader, which is right now one of the most lucrative business out there, then it is must that he or she makes a smart choice by selecting a perfect brokerage and if one puts all these features at one place, he or she would certainly come to believe that OrbitGTM is a perfect choice without any doubt. But the decision is entire yours whether you agree with this review or not.