OpenSea Is All Set To Add Support For NFTs Minted On Solana

According to a post on Twitter, OpenSea stated that the platform will be introducing support for Solana-based NFTs in the month of April.

Solana Integration

Massively popular NFT trade platform, OpenSea recently announced the release date for the upcoming Integration with the Solana blockchain. OpenSea mentioned in its latest twitter post, comprising of a video which revealed the platform will soon be supporting Solana-based NFTs, some time in the coming month of April, this year.

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The video posted by OpenSea having the title of “The best kept secret in Web3” highlighted users that were very excited about the launch of this new integration and think that this something that is massive for the NFT market in general. Many others believe this integration to be an intelligent move, played by OpenSea, leading to an increase in the popularity of the Solana blockchain even further.

Rumors about OpenSea

Initial rumors about this integration came into play at the start of this year. Technology blogger and application researcher, Jane Wong mentioned in at tweet highlighting multiple rumors that OpenSea has been in ties with Solana to bring its NFTs on the platform, while also stating about OpenSea supporting the Phantom Digital Wallet.

Another Popular Network on OpenSea

Many users were disappointed about OpenSea not telling the exact date of launch, but the posted video on twitter is quite assuring that the integration will happen in the coming month of April. When the integration is fully functional, the Solana network will third ever layer 1 and 4rth ever blockchain network that will have support for its minted NFTs on the popular platform, OpenSea.

Competing with Ethereum

The Solana network has earned enough value to be highlighted as the go-to network for minting NFTs, because of its serious competition with Ethereum for the number two spot. Many digital artists from around the world have preferred the Solana network over others. Solana doesn’t have the performance level that Ethereum has, but it does have some advantages that can be useful to users.

The Solana network uses a mechanism known as Proof-of-History that helps transactions to be proceed with larger throughput, greater than 60,000 transactions in a second to be exact, with Ethereum only supporting a mere 15 transactions in a second of time. Gas fee and cost of minting NFT is also quite low compared to Ethereum, making it a much viable option for many individuals looking to invest.

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