OKEx Plans To Reward Loyal Customers Starting December 4

OKEx is a Malta-based secure exchange giant, well-known to traders of cryptocurrency in the industry. The exchange platform makes it easy to buy and sell all cryptocurrency from all around the world. The exchange platform plans to make available amazing discounts and rewards worth millions of dollars.

The popular exchange platform sees this period as an opportunity to reward its loyal customers for their commitment and loyalty all these few years. OKEx plans to thank its customers with a series of programs, such as the highly anticipated ‘Happy Friday Giveaway,’ which is one of the firsts of its kind.

The exchange platform informed the public of its plans to share a whopping 20% of its income gotten from the financial transactions on its platform for all its BTC customers in several weeks. The esteemed platform revealed that the massive giveaway would start on December 4.

OKEx announces requirements to qualify for the giveaway

The giveaway has some requirements for the customers to qualify for the discounts. Some of the qualifications include customers to have had financial transactions or held tokens from October 16 to November 26 this year on the platform. The reward will be gotten from 20% of the profit OKEx made within those seven weeks.

The fund will be specially set aside and redistributed to the qualified customers based on their assets and their financial positions on a one-time basis only. Most of the funds will be gotten from swaps and futures to make up 20%. Also, the present holders of OKB will have their asset weigh doubled in the calculation.

Everyone is eligible for the fantastic rewards, both new and old customers, as long the requirements are met. So, from this Friday, OKEx plans to reward the customers on Fridays to come. The rewards are aggregated to the size of their assets and how often they trade. Those who hold their tokens will also have the worth of their token doubled. The new value of the tokens will be doubled in USDT.

OKEx members get amazing bonuses and benefits On OKEx

OKEx promises to issue a commission rebate card for the user with more than 10,000 before November 23, within a range of 100 USDT and 1000 USDT based on the proportion of the customer’s net assets. The refunds will not stop the weekly giveaway to users. OKEx is also giving new customers some added benefits.

The platform hopes to provide new customers buying up to $100 in cryptocurrency, can have $80 as an added benefit to their assets. It also informed of its plan of giving new customers adequate information by adding them to the platform’s telegraph group and equally enrolling them into its academy.

OKEx offers comprehensive exchange services that help them stand out from the competition. Many people in the digital asset industry come together to manage their assets on the platform. The exchange has allowed crypto enthusiasts to explore significant opportunities in the cryptocurrency space and reduce business risks. It helps maximize gains for customers and reduces the chances of loss for players on the platform.