NFT News: Activision Blizzard Considers NFTs; HashCash to Trial Health Information as NFTs; and more

Activision Blizzard reportedly conducted a survey among its customers during which it asked about their degree of interest in NFTs and the Metaverse in games. The recent survey also asked the players of Activision Blizzard’s games about their perspectives on play-to-earn games.

A player broadcast a screenshot of the interview from Activision Blizzard, which sought to measure players’ interest levels under different subheadings. The screenshot, which the user posted on Twitter, revealed that the games centered on various forms of the potential of the gaming sector.

Activision Blizzard’s survey on NFT games comes on the heels of massive NFT-gaming adoptions with other gaming firms met with widespread fury from players. For instance, after Sega registered its non-fungible tokens in January, its CEO said that many Sega players were unhappy with the move.

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Also, reports say that Storybook Brawl, a card video game, enjoyed a massive following until it went into the crypto world. Players on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media channels have openly disapproved of such projects. 

However, a few people smiled at the idea of making a few bucks from their gaming time. Activision Blizzard is possibly looking to avoid a similar incident in its gaming history by surveying the players beforehand. The Twitter user who broadcast the screenshot said he told the company he was very uninterested in the idea.

When Microsoft purchased Activision Blizzard earlier this year, it promised to consider setting up infrastructure for the virtual avatar world. Microsoft’s CEO had also reportedly affirmed the belief that the gaming industry would contribute significantly to enhancing metaverse systems.

HashCash to Trial Health Information as NFTs

HashCash Consultants, a blockchain services firm, said it plans to team up with an anonymous firm in the United Kingdom to create non-fungible tokens bearing individuals’ health data. According to the Saturday announcement, HashCash intends to connect individuals’ DNA information with non-fungible collectibles.

Hashcash’s project will reportedly partner with individuals who’d volunteer to provide their medical information for the project. The firms would then convert the health information into NFTs, which they could share with medical personnel. Individuals would be able to monitor their health information based on when or where the project shared them.

Additionally, volunteers would also be able to receive money for their data from the health workers who receive them. The announcement showcased how users could track and monetize such non-fungible tokens using an existing health-affiliated firm that sold its information for research.

More NFT News

Hyundai, an automobile producer, announced this morning that it had formed a partnership with the Meta Kongz NFT project. The project reportedly intends to launch 30 non-fungible tokens next month.

While asserting that the Metaverse would become commonplace for individuals in the future, Hyundai announced that it planned to launch a “Shooting Star” non-fungible token. These plans and more are part of the company’s vision to utilize robots in relating movements in the Metaverse to corresponding changes in the real world.

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In another development, Louis Vuitton says its advancing its Web3 goals by launching new non-fungible tokens. The fashion brand reportedly included recent earnings and steps in its mobile game to reward gamers with particular token types.