Newly-Launched App Livly Now Offers Users To Pay Their Rents In Crypto

The world has been revolutionized by technology; life is becoming easier due to technology. The Livly named new app provides the clients with the facility to use crypto to pay their apartment rent. This app was initially designed as a residential experiment platform for apartment society. The firm which started this project is a Web3 adopter, and this firm is going to bring revolution to apartment living.

After choosing crypto to pay rent, especially BTC and ETH, Livly is going to combine smooth property technology with fresh blockchain technology to solve residents’ rising demand for soft and simple rent payment methods. This app is still in the position to make payments to U.S landlords in dollars. They told that they are actively inspecting a partnership with a broadly accepted cryptocurrency exchange platform to assure reliability and safety. Alex Samoylovich (Lively’s Founder) told that they are planning to provide residents having crypto as an additional choice to make payments on their bills by using the method of their choice. Adding more, he said that they always tried to find out different ways for enhancing residents’ convenience.

Livly’s Chief Executive Officer Brian Duggan told that their firm is capable to develop, fulfilling, and surpassing the requirements of their apartment society using the latest technology and that’s the firm’s biggest strength. Livly is always leading in the case of creative Proptech. It is a big achievement for them to become ever first resident mobile application that accepts crypto for their residents nationwide. Livly also joined another application that allows the landlords to demand rent in cryptocurrency. The online platform of ManageGo connects landlords and their renters. This app can be used by renters for paying rent digitally, that’s why acceptance of crypto is a natural measure. The app accepts BTC, ETH, or Litecoin.

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The application programming interface of Coinbase is used by ManageGo, which helps the clients to receive real-time rates of exchange, and renters and landlords get authentic conversions. Approximately, 35 percent of citizens of America live in a rental place, and nearly 44.1M houses are rented. However, nearly 10.5 percent of all houses are still vacant in America.