Naomi Osaka, Asia’s Number 1 Tennis Racket, Will Become FTX’s Ambassador

Professional tennis did not have any sponsors from the crypto industry which is weird considering the popularity of tennis and ample opportunities for marketing that many crypto companies seemingly miss by focusing on large-scale deals with famous football clubs and athletes from other sports disciplines. With FTX foraying in the world of tennis by collaborating with the best Asian female player, the absence of crypto in professional tennis is no longer a thing!

Asia’s WTA Naomi Osaka will appear in new apparel

Osaka is now the global ambassador for the crypto exchange FTX which is a big deal for the whole industry and women’s tennis in particular. Naomi Osaka is an extraordinary person for this deal for various reasons. She is the first Asian female tennis player to hold rank 1 in the Women’s Tennis Association rating. Osaka has been dominant in many tournaments while displaying outstanding athleticism.

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At 24 years of age, she won 4 Grand Slams including two Australian Open and two US Open. She is a very strong woman with a great physique and excellent technique making her an extremely dangerous opponent for any tennis player. Such a decorated track record attracts all kinds of attention. The desire of FTX to make her one of their foremost ambassadors is more than understandable.

She will be sporting her new kit with FTX branding during the Miami Open. The deal rewards Naomi Osaka with a stake in the FTX business and regular payments in cryptocurrencies.

Osaka was speaking out for the adoption of cryptocurrencies

The young tennis player was clear in her intentions to be of use for the industry where the vast majority of marketing and promotions are done by male players from various sports disciplines. More diversity and the addition of women from Asia can make cryptocurrencies more appealing to new audiences and provide the necessary accessibility and faster adoption rate with people like Naomi Osaka representing the industry and speaking on behalf of large crypto exchanges.

Hopefully, both the number 1 female tennis player and the crypto exchange will benefit from this collaboration.