Morgan Creek’s Mark Yusko Forecasts Bitcoin to Hit $150K by 2025, Citing Halving and ETFs

Amid the rise of Bitcoin, touching a new high of $73,737 in March 2024, the question looms large: Is there still room for growth, or has Bitcoin reached its zenith? Mark Yusko, the visionary founder and CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management, believes the journey is far from over. In a recent statement, Yusko laid out a compelling case for Bitcoin’s continued ascent, projecting a bold price target of $150,000 by the year 2025.

This prediction hinges on the confluence of several key factors, including the anticipated impact of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event and the burgeoning enthusiasm for Bitcoin ETFs. Yusko’s forecast not only highlights the potential for significant growth in the premier cryptocurrency but also underscores the evolving dynamics within the broader digital asset landscape.

Yusko’s Prediction: A $150,000 Bitcoin Fueled by Halving and Innovation

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During a CNBC appearance on March 28, Mark Yusko presented a striking forecast for Bitcoin (BTC), suggesting a potential surge to $150,000 in the near future. Leveraging the Metcalfe’s law model, Yusko estimates Bitcoin’s current “fair value” at $50,000, poised for exponential growth. The imminent Bitcoin halving event, a process that slashes block rewards in half every four years and is just three weeks away, serves as a critical trigger for Yusko’s prediction. Historically, such halvings have sparked major crypto rallies by making the asset scarcer.

Yusko points out that the upcoming reduction of BTC block rewards from 6.25 to 3.125 necessitates a significant price increase to ensure mining remains profitable. However, this cycle introduces a novel factor that could further boost Bitcoin’s value—transaction fees generated by Ordinals and Inscriptions, which are expected to draw increased investor interest and trigger a wave of FOMO (fear of missing out). With these dynamics at play, Yusko anticipates the post-halving “fair value” of Bitcoin to reach $75,000, laying the groundwork for its journey toward the $150,000 mark.

A Roadmap to $150K for Bitcoin

Yusko’s analysis presents a compelling trajectory for Bitcoin, underpinned by the previous cycles and the upcoming halving event. He posits that, unlike the last cycle where the fair value was pegged at $30,000 and peaks reached $69,000, the next milestone could realistically touch $150,000. This expectation stems from the current market dynamics, which include reduced leverage, potentially doubling the previous cycle’s peak.

Yusko forecasts a bullish phase for Bitcoin, particularly highlighting a significant surge approximately nine months post-halving. He theorizes that the inherent scarcity induced by halving, combined with an uptick in demand, will propel Bitcoin prices into a parabolic increase towards the end of the year, peaking around the holiday season. This prediction aligns with the basic economic principle that prices rise when demand exceeds supply, especially as the market responds to the halving’s squeeze on Bitcoin availability.

Broadening Consensus on Bitcoin’s Price Potential

Amidst this optimistic outlook, the conversation around Bitcoin’s future price is not limited to Yusko alone. Other prominent figures and institutions share similarly bullish sentiments, with predictions ranging from $100,000 to $150,000 in the aftermath of the halving. Among these, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” envisions Bitcoin reaching $100,000, while British multinational bank Standard Chartered projects a peak at $150,000 within the year.

Furthermore, the growing cryptocurrency trading sector, particularly the integration of AI crypto trading bots, could play a pivotal role in navigating the post-halving market dynamics. These advanced trading solutions, capable of analyzing vast amounts of market data and executing trades at optimal times, might significantly influence the pace and magnitude of Bitcoin’s anticipated price movements, offering a sophisticated edge to investors aiming to capitalize on the halving-induced volatility.

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