Microsoft Quietly Bans Crypto Mining On Cloud Services

Microsoft, the giant in cloud computing,  is taking radical steps to enhance its cloud facilities’ stability by implementing the latest limitations over the operations like crypto mining.

The firm has put an outright prohibition over crypto mining via the online services of the platform while attempting to offer additional protection to the consumers as well as clouds, as reported by the UK-based news outlet “The Register.”

Microsoft Puts a Ban on Crypto Mining through Cloud Services

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The firm offered the latest limitations as included in its global license terms related to Microsoft Online Services. On the 1st of December, the company updated its policy of acceptable use to declare that mining of crypto assets is banned without any prior authorization from Microsoft.

In its section of “Acceptable Use Policy,” Microsoft mentioned that the consumers would now be required to get a written pre-authorization from it for crypto mining through the utilization of Microsoft Online Services.

As per the reports, Microsoft said was of the view that the unique crypto mining-related limitations of the firm target to shield the online facilities from hazards such as cyber-attacks, fraud, and illegal access to consumer resources.

In other words, they have carried out this modification to protect the consumers to a further extent in addition to minimizing the hazard of impairing or disrupting services offered in Microsoft Cloud.

The company also expressed the possibility of crypto mining for research and testing purposes in the case of security recognitions. Microsoft Online Services counts as a software offering hosted by Microsoft.

It is an element of the company’s software-as-a-service strategy. The respective services take into account Azure (the cloud computing network of Microsoft) which is meant for providing crypto mining services on particular types of subscriptions.

As formerly reported, the platform additionally carried out some experiments with blockchain facilities on Azure. However, it quietly dismissed the Azure Blockchain Service program in September 2021.

A few of the reports pointed out that the cloud computing mechanism of the company has gone through a great extent of capacity shortages in recent years because of persistent limitations in dealing with the supply chain. Over 6 data centers of Azure are potentially anticipated to stay restricted till the upcoming year’s early days.

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With the adoption of the exclusive restrictions, Microsoft collaborates with Google and several other providers of cloud computing which additionally ban clients from participating in the mining of crypto assets without the prior written authorization of Google.

The rest of the companies such as Oracle have prohibited cloud mining whereas Digital Ocean additionally demands written permission in this respect.

Cloud mining is known as a method that is a substitute for crypto mining with specific equipment. In this method, the consumers do not need any hardware or equipment for mining and make crypto investments instead.

The customer depends on a far-away data center for this purpose with a processing power that is shared. Blockchain Council, a blockchain research team, was of the view that cloud mining offers the maximum profitable crypto mining methods.

Crypto Mining Faces a Severe Crisis amid Crypto Winter

As per the group, cloud mining does not require consumers to recompense for the instruments as well as other such costs. The current news is witnessed at a point when the industry of crypto mining is experiencing an enormous crisis associated with the present crypto winter. A few of the miners are near being bankrupt because of scarce funds.