How People Like Michael Zetser Shape the Future of Online Payment

Creating a brand new world with enough freedom for creative expression in digital ecosystems is a noble goal that many visionary entrepreneurs are trying to achieve.

Finances are a delicate sector of the contemporary interconnected world where businesses and individuals interact millions of times each day with each instance having some form of a monetary transaction accompanying it.

We already have different types of systems in place to facilitate such a rapid rate of exchange between various parties, but many challenges created by the constantly evolving world make it hard for traditional finance platforms to operate efficiently and appear contemporary.

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Among those who see the future of e-commerce and online financial relationships between people and businesses, one name stands out.

Michael Zetser is a serial entrepreneur and a creator of multiple modern services built on the foundation of state-of-the-art technology and a deep understanding of the realities faced by online businesses.

The rise of “buy now, pay later”

Credit is the driving force of the modern economy. It is the only way to reliably facilitate economic growth and provide incentives to businesses and consumers to interact as frequently as possible generating value for everyone.

However, traditional banking systems have demonstrated their weaknesses and caused multiple financial crises over the last century.

We need new solutions that must spearhead a new approach to the problem of stagnating growth. Michael Zetser has a couple of insights that may shed light on the future of credit in the contemporary world.

“The notion that the economy will be growing forever and exponentially is a false one,” says Mr. Zetser. “However, we can sustain the pace of growth by ensuring that our credit system is lean and flexible.

Banks often become insolvent due to bad investments on their part and the nature of online finances that do not tolerate any pauses in cash flow.”

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Michael Zetser also adds: “Buy now, pay later is a good concept on paper, but it has many weaknesses because the whole concept is built on top of the currently existing banking system which is flawed on its own”.

Ignoring this concept that exploded in the economy and created a new boom for countries that embraced it is not an option. Addressing issues that it creates and searching for possible solutions is a different thing.

Mr. Zetser believes that we can find a way out by investing in modern value-generating platforms that facilitate interactions between cash holders to ensure that lenders do not create any insolvency issues for banks.

Creating your light in the tunnel

Financial platforms created and managed by Michael Zetser are examples of things working out due to the expertise of the CEO.

Zetser’s companies are lean and innovative. He is investing heavily in R&D to ensure that financial gateways run by him remain proactive in the market and roll out features regularly to provide a better user experience.

He is also a strong proponent of digital forms of money arguing that fiat is something that we have to give up to propel the global economy into its next, more advanced form.

The world of digital commerce requires quicker settlements, faster transactions, and more throughput without any external control from governments that may hinder the ability of financial assets to work out issues in a natural way.

Zetser believes that building on the foundation of mutual trust and laws of a free economy is what will bring the most value to end users of contemporary financial products.

The future of fintech is in hands of entrepreneurs

Michael Zetser is a fresh voice in a still-evolving industry of online financial services. It is important to have people like him to ensure that the old mixes well with the new.

While respecting tradfi is necessary, bringing in innovation and focusing on distancing from weaknesses created by older systems is even more important in the grand scheme of things.