Metaverse Tokens On A Roll, Outperform Bitcoin And Ethereum

Though trading volumes have significantly dropped to a maximum of 74%, the top tokens on the Metaverse are on overdrive as they try to beat the crypto market, surpassing the gains of their contemporaries by a wide gap. In just 24 hours there has been a spike in the value of the entire metaverse market by about 6.5 percent, resulting in a whopping figure of $31.1 billion in total.

On Wednesday, 20th April, the cryptocurrency market showed some signs of recovery, with Bitcoin (BTC) pulling off a significant coup by going up by over 3 percent. Conversely, the other significant cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) remained in the green. Many cryptocurrency investors and traders have breathed a sigh of relief as they await the continuation of the upward trend movement.

Tokens In The Metaverse Against Crypto-Giants

The Metaverse tokens that surprised everyone by completely outperforming the more significant players such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple include Apecoin (APE), Sandbox (SAND), and GALA. Apecoin (APE) has remarkably progressed by over 34 percent in the last 24 hours, which makes it the top gainer on the list of gainers. 

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The sudden spike in Sandbox (SAND) and Apecoin (APE) values seems to be what piqued the people’s interest and brought the metaverse tokens into the limelight. Apecoin (APE) and Sandbox (SAND) are now the top metaverse tokens drawing the attention of crypto investors.

As of press time, the daily transaction volume on the Apecoin (APE) had gone up by about 360 percent. In addition, Apecoin (APE) had earlier dethroned Decentraland (MANA), formerly regarded as the most significant token in the Metaverse when it was first introduced.

Ethereum (ETH) whales have a disproportionate amount of money invested in high-performing metaverse tokens like GALA, APE, and SAND, among other things. These are among the top ten cryptocurrencies that generate the most revenue in the crypto space. The recent increases in the prices of these tokens have only served to ratchet up the frenzy even more.

There Is Only One Way To Go: Up

The recent addition of Apecoin (APE) to the Gemini crypto trading platform and rumors about the upcoming launch of Otherside by Yuga Labs, which is valued at 600 APE, have prompted the recent increase in the metaverse tokens.Sandbox (SAND) trading has increased by as much as 65 percent in the last 24 hours. Because of a Bloomberg piece, Sandbox (SAND) has gained popularity, attracting as much as $400 million in investment.

Sandbox (SAND) has also seen an increase of almost 8 percent in the last seven days, with more than $3.4 billion. The metaverse community is extremely hopeful about this increase, which has piqued the interest of many investors who are now looking at these digital assets in greater depth. As long as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other significant crypto continue to rule the crypto world in terms of popularity, metaverse tokens will undoubtedly stay up with the competition.