Mask Network Set To Gift Tokens Worth $30 Million To Users

Mask Network is a new browser extension that digitally links web 3.0 protocol with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The extensive service of the network allows users to trade their tokens on social media. The network, barely a week ago, had initially launched its first coin offering- Initial Twitter Offering, a three-phased offering that generated about $3 million for the network. However, the network is now willing to take a step forward by rewarding its early users with 1.86 million worth of $MASK, estimated to be worth about $30 Million.

Mask is riding on the success of the Initial Twitter Offering

The airdropping of free tokens by new Blockchain projects and networks is not new, as it has always been a sole sort of marketing strategy used to attract potential investors. The coin offering of Mask Network, which will also come in two separate batches on February 27th, is believed to generate more revenue for the network. It will further attract more users. It is also worthy to note that Mask is not the only Blockchain project to have used airdropping of free tokens to attract users, as UNISWAP have used the same technique in the past to gain hold of the market against their competitors.

However, while UNISWAP shared about 100 million of its native tokens last year in the coin offering, the value of Mask Network’s offering supersedes that of UNISWAP at current prices. According to Suji Yan, founder of the Blockchain network, he confirmed that the Initial Twitter Offering’s success, which was met with several buzzes on social media, is bolstering the new token giveaway. The rush towards the new network on social media last week, which led to an unusual amount of potential investors purchasing the token on Twitter and subsequently leading to their social accounts being suspended due to unprecedented amount of traffic, is enough reason to show that Mask is here to stay, according to Suji Yan.

There are only five categories of users who can earn rewards

In the official report of Suji Yan to the press, the executive confirmed that the new airdropping of the coin would reward about 17,000 users with about 1.86 million $MASK tokens. The executive, in his speech, also detailed the eligibility of users who will be able to earn the free rewards, as it is not a random reward program. The categories of investors and users who can earn rewards have been divided into five places, as it mostly features registered users of the networks or affiliates. Users who earn rewards in the upcoming reward program will likely forfeit their reward if it is not claimed in five days, as there will be a 20% reduction in value for any day it is left unclaimed.

Yan also explained that the reward program would also initiate many social media users into trading cryptocurrency without the need to use an external web service other than their usual social media accounts. The executive believes that many are still confused about the idea of cryptocurrency and its trading, but he believes Mask’s new web protocol will ensure that they get fully involved with the necessary cryptocurrency knowledge.