Malta Embraces AI to Tackle Climate Change and Attract Foreign Investment

Key Insights:

  • GO Plc uses AI for 20% of marketing and 30% of coding, boosting efficiency and productivity.
  • Malta’s limited talent pool drives its push for AI, with government and businesses fostering an AI-driven workforce.
  • The EU AI Act ensures ethical AI use in Malta, promoting transparency and preventing misinformation.

Malta is making strides in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address several critical challenges. This small Southern European nation is leveraging AI technology to tackle climate change, attract foreign investment, and bridge a severe skills gap. Among the prominent entities spearheading this AI-driven transformation is Malta’s leading telecommunications company, GO Plc.

GO Plc Integrates AI into Daily Operations

GO Plc, a top telecommunications firm in Malta, is progressively incorporating AI tools into its operations. The company, which ranks among the largest public firms in Malta, employs AI models to generate approximately 20% of its marketing content.

Additionally, around 30% of the company’s coding tasks are now performed using AI, which reduces the demand for human developers. This integration of AI extends to the legal domain as well, where AI helps draft contracts that human experts subsequently review before being finalized.

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Unlike many organizations that fear AI might render human jobs obsolete, GO Plc encourages its workforce of over 1,100 employees to familiarize themselves with generative AI. The firm’s management believes that understanding and using AI can significantly boost productivity across various departments.

Addressing the Talent Shortage with AI

Malta’s limited population of around 530,000 residents poses a challenge in sourcing skilled talent. This scarcity of professionals is reflected in a statement by Nikhil Patil, the CEO of GO Plc, who splits his time between Malta and London. Patil emphasizes the critical role of AI in addressing the island’s talent deficit, particularly in fields like law, accounting, and software development. 

“We are short of lawyers, accountants, and coders. Only artificial intelligence can help us escape the talent curse,” Patil asserts.

The company’s shift towards AI enhances operational efficiency and responds to the pressing need for skilled professionals in Malta. By training its employees in AI, GO Plc aims to mitigate the talent shortage and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

Government and Business Collaboration on AI

Malta’s government, alongside local businesses and educational institutions, is actively working to transform the nation into an AI hub. This collaborative effort is crucial for Malta, which seeks to overcome its historical reputation of lax regulations and money laundering issues. The broad deployment of AI is seen as a pivotal strategy to attract foreign investment, address climate change, and overcome the skills gap.

The Maltese government’s commitment to fostering AI innovation is evident in its policy framework and support for AI initiatives. By promoting AI education and training, the government aims to equip the workforce with the necessary skills to thrive in an AI-driven economy.

EU AI Act and Its Implications for Malta

The Act passed in June 2023, aims to regulate the development and application of AI within the EU. It mandates that companies using AI for content creation clearly label AI-generated content to help identify non-human material and prevent the spread of misinformation. 

Additionally, companies are required to publish summaries of the data used to train their AI systems.

This regulatory framework is crucial for Malta as it integrates AI into various sectors. By adhering to the EU AI Act, Malta can ensure that its AI applications are transparent, ethical, and aligned with broader European standards. The Act’s emphasis on transparency and accountability is expected to enhance public trust in AI technologies and facilitate their widespread adoption in Malta.

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