Laser Digital Announces An Investment In Decentralized Finance Protocol Infinity Exchange

Laser Digital, which is known as the crypto sub-branch of Nomura (a Japan-based giant in financial services), invested in a decentralized finance project for institutional borrowing and lending. The investment by Laser is extra to the seed round of up to $4.2M raised by Infinity from many supporters last year in the month of September.

Crypto Subsidiary of Nomura Invests in the Decentralized Finance Project Infinity

Although the declaration of the investment has been made, none of the above-mentioned parties provided any details regarding the valuation or size of the investment.

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These backers also take into account Kevin Lepsoe (the chief executive officer and founder of Infinity), Flow Traders, and GSR. Lepsoe had formerly been heading the financial engineering and structuring at Morgan Stanley.

He founded Infinity in the previous year while targeting to enhance the DeFi sector’s adoption among the institutions. The Infinity protocol is established on the network of Ethereum. It enables the customers to access fixed as well as floating interest rates along with interest rates-related trading, in the words of Lepsoe.

While elaborating on the uniqueness of Infinity as compared to the other DeFi protocols, the founder pointed toward its risk management mechanism and the interest rate system.

As per Lepsoe, these are the 2 key benefits provided by the protocol, making it distinctive from the others. He referred to the interest rates on Compound. According to him, a 2.86% rate would be paid by a borrower on WBTC, while a 0.03% rate would be received by a lender.

On the other hand, he explained that the borrowers and lenders would receive and pay an equal interest rate, excluding fees. In addition to this, a 1.47% additional will be provided to a lender while the borrower would have to recompense 1.36% less on Infinity in comparison with the current rates of Compound.

Lepsoe moved on to discuss the risk management mechanism of Infinity and mentioned that the protocol administers both ERC721 and ERC20 tokens in the form of collateral.

He added that a consumer could deposit the USDC tokens with Aave to get aUSDC tokens. The respective aUSDC tokens can be transacted to Infinity. In his words, the users can also borrow against these tokens as collateral.

The executive asserted that the risk management mechanism of Infinity offers a forum consisting of external liquidity via liquidity provider (LP) tokens and deposits. The protocol of Infinity is presently operating going through the Goerli testnet.

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The mainnet launch of the protocol is anticipated to take place by the denouement of this year’s 2nd quarter, as claimed by the chief executive officer of the platform.

As a part of Infinity’s strategy to move forward, the protocol intends to keep developing. It is attempting to enhance the existing group thereof, which includes 12 members.

Olivier Dang, Laser Digital’s head of ventures, reported that Infinity protocol is operating on developing an infrastructure for organizational adoption of the Web3 world. As per the executive, the respective thing is a prominent reason why the support was provided by Laser for the protocol.

Laser to Announce 3 Additional Investments Shortly, Says the Executive

Laser and Nomura have both invested in 4 crypto entities other than Infinity. They include Orderly Network, Allinfra, Bullish, and Komainu. As Dang brought to the front, they have 3 additional investments in the entities related to crypto assets. These investments will be publicly announced in the future.