Larva Labs Rolls Out New NFT Project Called Meebits

Based on a recent announcement, the team of developers behind the famous non-fungible tokens collection Cryptopunks, Larva Labs, has released a new NFT project named Meebits. The project will be the third effort of Larva Labs in creating NFT, and it is already moving very fast in the community. The total amount of Meebits that would be available will be 20,000.

The team said the new set of the non-fungible tokens had been sold out, with one of them sold for a whopping of 200 ETH, which is worth nearly $671,000 at the current ether prices.

The team has all hopes that the new 3-Dimension avatars will be perfect for the virtual world following the art style of Roblox and Minecraft. They believe that the quality of the nature of voxel art will be immortal, and the appeal on people will be long term.

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Their effort to create NFT this time is more comprehensive and complicated than other past releases. Soon, the Larva Labs team will launch an asset pack that will make the avatars usable in game engines (to as many are compatible), 3D studio, or the virtual world.

The properties of the new NFT are rare on different levels. They include the pant (both type and color), the hairstyle, and others. For example, the robot type makes up about 0.36% of all the Meebits only.

In addition, the developer team releases a grant for the community of people that trusted and supported Larva Labs on their previous NFT effort. The Autoglyphs and Cryptopunks holders, however, will get Meebits free and would only be required to foot the gas fee. This grant would be open for just a week.

Larva Labs hopes that the creation will find its place in the gaming world and would be a fun hobby emphasizing that it will unleash the kind of avatars collection we engaged when we are kids. The whole process of collections is fairly accessible as all buyers need to do to sign a message with the wallet.

NFTs are Going More Viral

The third project of the Larva Labs in the NFT industry is an indication of how famous NFTs have become and will continue to be. There is a targeted craving for this asset class, and it has resulted in Reebok releasing its native NFTs for its sneakers products. On a general note, several large brands are beginning to understand the value of launching non-fungible tokens related to their business and products.

The latest debutant in this technology is the alcohol industry, and it has already gone viral in the sports industry. One of the major reasons for the popularity of the NFTs is the accessibility compared to decentralized finance. Though work needs to be done on better handling of the wallets, it is quite simpler.