Lancelot Labs Introduces First-Ever SAFT Tracker Developed For DeFi

An investment infrastructure venture named Lancelot Labs is introducing the initial and unique organizational SAFT tracker. This would assist the crypto funds in automatically tracking, claiming as well as utilizing the tokens.

By permitting this via the utilization of decentralized applications (dApps) as well as decentralized finance (DeFi), the project will offer a unified experience to the consumers.

Lancelot Labs’ SAFT Tracker to Benefit Institutional Investors

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The development of the platform was carried out in a close partnership with a few of the most enthusiastic crypto funds. The purpose of the platform is to provide a solution to the complexity of claiming and tracking vested tokens. The tokens, which are in their early phase, are considerably attention-grasping. They promise near-term liquidity as well as extraordinary growth.

Keeping this in view, the crypto funds eagerly invest in future crypto assets’ sales on the private markets. However, the early-stage tokens often turn out to be illiquid initially. The continuous tracking of the tokens as well as options associated with a diverse and big series of tokens counts as an operational challenge. This results in billions drained in unrealized yields.

Stephanie Tramicheck (an industry player) established Lancelot Labs to cope with this challenge as well as assist the crypto funds in enhancing the effectiveness of their portfolio of early-stage tokens.

As the institutionalization of crypto assets’ investment in the private market is increasing, crypto funds presently depend on spreadsheets. It is very technical for the funds to deal with tax filing, compliance, as well as LP reporting.

Tramicheck mentioned that it is supposed that vested tokens have liquidity. Nonetheless, they are not liquid in reality, according to Tramicheck. Many a time, a false amount is obtained by the tokens and sometimes they remain undistributed. In this way, millions of the respective tokens get missing during their onboarding on Lancelot’s exclusive fund.

Though smart contracts’ vesting guarantees the automation of the distribution, the distribution procedure gets considerably rough. The managers of the funds require monthly connecting every portfolio firm’s vesting portal.

This is to claim the allocation thereof. Billions of tokens, which are unclaimed, are presently existing in the wallet of the portfolio firms rather than being in the wallets of the funds under the fund managers’ administration.

Lancelot Labs play the role of the initial unified solution specified for the crypto funds, letting them have a precise view of their whole vesting distributions. The funds can always possess the tokens owned by them. The platform provides straight access to decentralized finance (DeFi) and decentralized applications (dApps). This lets institutional investors utilize their tokens.

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Project’s CEO Says It Will Evolve with Time Bringing More Incentives for Recipients

In the words of Tramicheck, the early-stage tokens are going through a process of evolution. This signifies that the holders will witness a vast array of possibilities dealing with an increase in profits, Tramicheck added.

To keep a token held, particularly in the early phase, deals with expressing confidence in the respective project. This is also related to getting openly involved with the diverse opportunities provided to the holders.

Lancelot, by offering convenience in the procedure of accessing and tracking, enables organizational investors to broaden their impact. Along with this, it lets them back their portfolio firms, as well as actively take part in the journey of the token.

In this way, the automatic claiming and tracking-related service of Lancelot will likely be extraordinarily helpful for institutional investors.