John Cleese Puts up Brooklyn Bridge for NFT Auction

The veteran British comedian has put up his digital iPad artwork for sale, saying NFT has made the world crazy. Cleese has joined the list of influential individuals and organizations that have joined the NFT industry. The legendary entertainer has also minted an NFT, auctioning his ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ topography outline, which he sketched on his iPad.

OpenSea is the platform on which the celebrity is selling his artwork. As of the time of writing this report, an NFT collector has made a bid of $50,000 for the drawing. Meanwhile, Cleese was indirectly making a mockery of one NFT titled ‘Bridge for sale’ auctioned last week which was also made available for sale on the same marketplace.

Cleese refers to Beeple’s record $69 million NFT sale

The said NFT, which is currently valued at $27, contains a Google map of Brooklyn, indirectly referring to the American swindler, GeorgeParker, known for his fraudulently selling popular places such as Brooklyn Bridge others in New York City.

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While announcing his NFT auction, the octogenarian comedian jokingly said he was offering his NFT at a whopping $69 million, “although you can bid as low as $100,” he said. In the said tweet, he noted that he was offering his fans an on-time opportunity of buying his NFT at $69 million, although the lowest bid was $100. His joke references the record sales of Beeple’s 5,000 art collections sold for $69 million last week. The crypto lover, Metakovan, bought Beeple’s NFT artwork.

Apart from Beeple, some top artists have also started selling their works for a large sum of money in return. For example, earlier in March, the pop singerGrime earned a whopping $6 million from her first NFT, which contained digital images. Also, Justin Roiland, the producer of Rick & Morty, made $1,300 ETH, an equivalent of $1.65 milion earlier in the year on the NFT marketplace, Nifty Gateway.

Why the NFT craze?

The launch of Ethereum has attracted artists to NFT because it creates for them a veritable platform to sell their works digitally and lucratively. This has been made easy by the Ethereum blockchain technology because it enables users to create smart contracts so that art creators can use it to mint NFT via their artworks.

The artistic features of Ethereum blockchain, which involves distributed ledger, have also caused a sort of digital scarcity for NFTs. In short, whenever an artist produces a unique digital artwork, they will register the unique artwork on the distributed ledger of the blockchain. Once this is done, the transaction is recorded on the ledger, and consequently, the buyer takes ownership of the item.

While conventional art enthusiasts may not appreciate the digital form in which the art world is moving towards, it must be noted that the art NFT art evolution has numerous advantages. Courtesy of smart contracts, a digital art seller can earn a commission from their work resale even after they had already sold it.

Some crypto lovers might be shocked by Cleese’s attempt to join the NFT industry. Interestingly, this is his first foray in not only crypto but art in general. Cleese, in his announcement, tweeted that he was a new and young artist just joining the crypto art community.