Jack Dorsey is Not Going to Let Ethereum and its Enthusiasts Go Easily

By now, the entire world is well aware of the fact that Jack Dorsey, the founder, and CEO of Twitter is a die-hard fan of Bitcoin (BTC). He is even called the Bitcoin maximalist by the cryptocurrency community, his followers, and other influential personalities from around the world.

On several occasions, Jack Dorsey has taken the liberty of endorsing and promoting Bitcoin. With his influence, he has even brought a positive change to the Bitcoin market on more than one occasion. However, there was one misconception about him among the entire cryptocurrency community and his fans.

It was perceived that Jack Dorsey counts other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) in the same group as Bitcoin.

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However, Jack Dorsey has made sure with his recent comments around Ethereum that he considers no other cryptocurrency to be on the same level as Bitcoin, let alone be higher.

Just recently, Jack Dorsey went after the Ethereum enthusiasts and fans, in an attempt to set a few records straight. Following the installation of the hard fork by Ethereum in London, Ethereum has definitely made its way back to the cryptocurrency industry in any aspect.

However, it has been observed that since the hard fork placement, the ETH fans have gone overboard talking about its potential and future presence. According to the ETH fans, the Ethereum network has the potential and all that is required to disrupt the “Big Tech”.

While the entire Ethereum community was acknowledging such claims and praising its glory, there was no one coming in to make few things clear. That is when Jack Dorsey made his entry and re-iterated by ETH fans about where ETH stands when it comes to disrupting the “Big Tech”.

He made it clear that while Ethereum does have the potential to play a significant role in disrupting the “Big Tech”, it does not have what it takes to do it single-handedly.

However, he did not boast or brag about Bitcoin being the only entity or network that could do it alone. Instead, he stated that there is not a single technology that has the ability to disrupt the “Big Tech” all by itself. Whenever something like this happens, it will be a collective effort of many technologies joining forces or playing their roles in making that happen.

Dorsey also went ahead and praised the non-fungible token (NFT) that has been highly adopted through the Ethereum network. He stated that the non-fungible token industry would have a huge role to play in the disruption of “Big Tech”.

However, the most amount role any digital asset is going to play in the disruption would be none other than Bitcoin. He supported his arguments with the current situation of the entire cryptocurrency market. He also talked about the adoption of Bitcoin throughout the world.

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He added that even the majority of the mainstream institutions have adopted Bitcoin prior to adopting or investing in any other cryptocurrency. This proves that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that is going to make a lot of difference with its adoption in the mainstream industry.