INX Has Launched A Trading Platform To Offer SEC-Approved Crypto/Security Tokens

INX Digital Company has recently announced the launch of a new platform that is to facilitate the cryptocurrency and digital asset community in the United States.

The newly-created platform created by the company is to let the traders, trade in cryptocurrencies and tokens. However, there is a catch to the newly offered trading platform offered by INX Digital Company.

The company has announced that the new platform would only offer cryptocurrencies and tokens that are registered and authorized by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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INX Digital Company Launches a New Crypto Trading Platform

According to the latest updates, INX Digital Company has launched a new trading platform for tokens and cryptocurrencies registered with the US SEC.

This suggests that the traders can trade in particular cryptocurrencies without any doubts about the tokens or the platform getting taken down by the US SEC.

It tends to offer a risk-free trading environment to investors. This will be a benefitting opportunity for mainstream and institutional investors to interact with the trading platform.

They will be able to perform day-to-day trades in cryptocurrencies and securities without them getting banned.


The company has announced that the name of the new product (trading platform) is INX One. Both institutional and retail investors will be able to interact with the product to perform trades.

The issuers will also be able to benefit from the product as they will be able to generate proceeds by developing and launching their own tokens.

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The businesses will be able to raise capital for their business expansions and to work on newer products. The endeavor would encourage the upcoming token and security developers to get their tokens registered with the US SEC before launching them into the market.

The reason behind INX’s Popularity

It was back in 2021 when INX made itself known to the world of cryptocurrencies and digital securities. The platform gained tremendous success by claiming to be offering tokens and securities that were registered by the US SEC.

The company came up with the idea of launching the registered tokens and securities when there was a great need for such products. Despite the efforts, cryptocurrencies were not able to gain much recognition in the mainstream and institutional sectors.

The sectors demanded highly regulated and authorized trading environments for cryptocurrencies and digital securities. INX had become an entity that was more than willing to offer such a platform to particular sectors.

It gained huge traction in the mainstream industry when it launched its initial coin offering (ICO) for the INX token. The token was registered and licensed to be solicited by the US SEC to US citizens.

As the token hit the market, its issuance generated $85 million worth of proceeds and recorded a participation of over 7,200 investors from all industries.

At the time of writing, the value of the INX Digital token is $0.21, rising 0.48% in the past 24 hours.