Invest505 Review – A Platform New and Experienced Traders Can Trust

Invest505 Review
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Read our Invest505 review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. Invest505 is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

Invest505 Review

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To be able to create a platform that caters to the needs of new and experienced traders is quite a challenge. However, there are definitely companies that have made it possible. I have tested and reviewed many such companies over the course of 10 years. After all of that, I think I am in a strong position to lead you in the right direction if you are looking for a trading platform for the first time or switching your current one. I will make this Invest505 review all about features that hold value for new as well as experienced traders.

Deposits, Spreads, and Leverages

Invest505 really knows how to give traders exactly what they are looking for and I can prove that from its spreads and leverages. But before I talk about those things, let me shed some light on its deposits. You have three accounts to choose from and none of them requires you to break the bank. Stay in the Standard Zone, and you can access some great features of this account for just $250. The maximum deposit required from you to open the Luxury Zone account is $25000. The spreads on this platform are quite competitive, if not better.

They can be as low as 0pips with a commission of $10 per lot. However, if you go with spreads of 1pip, you can reduce your commission to $5. Last but not least, even with the Standard Zone, you have leverages of 1:100 available. With the Pro Zone, your leverages can be as high as 1:200. The best in terms of leverages is the Luxury Zone that offers you leverages of up to 1:300 on your trades.

Account Managers and Trading Signals

Do you need an account manager when you are a new trader? Of course, you need their mentorship to step in the right direction. With advanced traders, these account managers can help them diversify their portfolio and meet their financial goals. In addition to that, you will get trading signals with each trading account. These signals come from reliable sources and help you with your price predictions. Every trader needs trading signals to some extent and you will get plenty of them when you sign up with Invest505. I would also like to touch upon the point of negative balance protection.

In trading, you can’t have guaranties. Sometimes, things go your way and at other times, they don’t go your way. You could end up losing your investment and your trading account might become completely empty. How do you get protection against such a scenario? Well, your broker can help you with that and Invest505 is definitely doing that. It is offering negative balance protection to every trader, which means you will never owe the broker anything more than what you have in your account.

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Web Trader with Plenty of Instruments

Your choices are quite broad when you sign up with this platform. Firstly, you get to use the web-based trading system that requires no downloads and no installations either. You can access this system from any device with any operating system on it. You will never run into compatibility issues when you are using a web-based trading platform. Furthermore, you will have access to hundreds of assets from this platform.

You can trade stocks that belong to companies from all parts of the world. You have big, small, new, and pioneering digital currencies available for trading. Furthermore, you can trade assets that come from commodities, indices, and forex categories. Do it all from the same platform.

Final Thoughts

I like the fact that Invest505 has kept things pretty straightforward even though it caters to such a huge market of new and experienced traders. You can verify the simplicity of this platform from its account types, which there are only 3 with very straightforward features. You can always know more about the company by visiting its website and comparing the trading account features.