Internal War Erupts at DefiLlama Over Potential Token Launch

On Sunday, drama emerged at DefiLlama as one of the project’s co-founders, Oxngmi, took to Twitter to urge people to use a forked version of the decentralized finance data platform, claiming that the other co-founder, OxLlam4, was planning to launch a token which he did not want to be part of.

Oxngmi stated that despite the DefiLlama team disapproving of the token launch, OxLlam4, who controls the platform’s Twitter account and web domain, still decided to proceed with the token plans.

DefiLlama’s Co-founder Launches the Platform’s Competitor

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The move pushed Oxngmi to develop “,” a website that looks similar to, but it lacks a few features like LlamaNodes and a news section.

Oxngmi also created a Twitter account for his new project, which had gained over 6,500 followers as of Monday morning.

Meanwhile, OxLlam4 says he will try to find a solution to the dispute behind closed doors in order to continue serving the project’s community in the best way possible.

On the other hand, Oxngmi sent the DefiLlama community into confusion after sharing his statement on the project’s official Discord server, with many wondering whether the protocol had been compromised. But the co-founder assured the members that the statement was real. He also revealed the ongoing internal clash over a token rollout.

On its Twitter account, DefiLlama teased on Sunday about “nice surprises” in the coming days for people who use the project’s services, ending the tweet with a parachute emoji without precisely mentioning a token airdrop.

Tendeeno Says DefiLlama’s Revenue Deficiency Triggered the Dispute

Prior to the tweet, the account had conducted a poll in the first week of March that sought the community’s opinions on how the project could generate revenue.

This explains why DefiLlama contributor Tendeeno said yesterday that the lack of revenue fueled a rift between the project’s co-founders.

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According to Tendeeno, OxLlam4’s solution to the insufficient revenue was launching a token, which he intended to do even without the approval of DefiLlama’s team.

That said, whether DefiLlama decides to launch its own token in the future remains to be seen. But the idea seems to have brought excitement to the community members, with many asking when the project plans to launch the token.