IC Markets Review – Why You Should Consider Signing Up With This Broker

IC Markets Review


Read our IC Markets review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. IC Markets is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

IC Markets Review

IC Markets logoIC Markets is a competitive brokerage open to traders. Traders can access a variety of financial markets, including bitcoin, Forex currency pairings, and so on. However, regardless of the asset, you will always require the services of a broker. So, before you choose any broker, read this IC Markets review.

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Traders have been trading in financial markets for years, but never before has there been a very massive rise in circulation as in the previous few years. Numerous factors have contributed to this, which includes COVID-19 as well as the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. However, the thing is that you must first locate a broker before you enter into the realm of online trading. They provide you with all of the key features that you require, such as the trading tools and the advanced trading platform.

A short search of the market will reveal a variety of possibilities for you to consider. Millions of traders worldwide flock to the Forex market because it is the most lucrative and competitive. Only major investment firms – fund managers or the most extensive banking institutions – had first access to the global community. Still, when individual investors began to enter the Forex market, the working circumstances began to shift. Because private traders do not have the same financial resources as funds, brokers create specific trade patterns and keep track of them.

It is essential to select the proper trading partner – a broker who offers clients access to the forex market – in order to be prosperous.

Since there are many brokers on the market, if you keep searching for one, you’ll be surprised at how many options there are. The issue is that not everybody is worth it. Several brokers are available; however, selecting the correct one is complex, and only you can choose which broker is best for you.

This is because each trader is distinct from the rest. You may have other requirements or objectives, which necessitates selecting a broker who can assist you in achieving them. Because traders and brokers vary, not all brokers will give you the very same advantages.

IC Markets, on the other hand, is a very adaptable platform with a variety of valuable features. So, why not look at this report and see if IC Markets can give the services you require?

IC Markets website

There are a lot of scam firms that are currently operating in the online trading industry. Therefore, it is very important for you to be careful while you pick a brokerage firm. If you get yourself into the wrong hands, you can face a huge loss of your money. However, if you do a little research, you can find a reliable and trustworthy brokerage firm like IC Markets, and this review will provide you certain details about this broker unveiling the fact whether this broker can be trusted or not.

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Client review at IC Markets is a structured approach to work that is done through:

  • Work with various accounts, including traditional and Islamic accounts; Indices, currency pairings, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and CFDs are just a few of the trading instruments available.
  • Depending on the kind of account and financial instrument, leveraging can be as high as 1: 400; bonus to the account equivalent to 20% of the deposit amount (to withdraw the obtained bonus money, the customer must refuse an overall amount of lot equal to 14% of the accumulated bonus, trading is conducted on an account with a maximum permitted leverage of 1: 100).
  • The least amount that may be withdrawn from the account is $50.
  • Withdrawing cash to a bank card is free of charge, and market orders are executed instantly.

IC Markets’ trading platform

The trading platform is a critical service for a trader, and you may believe that it is the sole element that necessitates the use of a broker. This platform is needed to enter the trading system, and a broker must offer clients with this platform and a variety of other services.

Perhaps you’re unsure what a trading platform is. The simplest explanation is that the software assists in acting, gaining access to the market, and learning about volatility, trends, and pricing. Now that you understand the significance of a trading platform, you must be cautious when selecting a broker since many of them gives access to extremely slow platforms. However, the platform that you use is quick and sophisticated.

When you utilize a broker’s facilities, you will primarily interact with their trading platform since it is used for access to the market, market surveillance, and trade executions. As a result, the platform’s reliability will define the type of interaction you will have. IC Markets uses the MT4 trading platform, widely considered the best choice on the market. It delivers improved trading execution by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. The user interface is straightforward, but the tools are sophisticated.

MetaTrader4 platform is among the most prominent on the market that IC Markets provides to its consumers. Because of the sophisticated technology utilized for this platform, you will enjoy a seamless trading experience. You also get access to various tools, such as trading signals, indicators, and price alerts.

If you want to get the most out of your trading, you may install the MT4 platform on your Pc, Mac or Laptop. If you want more current options, IC Markets offers the WebTrader, which enables you to trade via the browser on any device with an internet connection. Additionally, they have launched MT4 mobile trading apps for Android and iOS, allowing you to trade while on the go.

IC Markets trading platform

Options for your account

When traders have diverse requirements, the only way to cope with them is to provide account alternatives. A trader’s account is crucial to his expertise since it provides all the benefits and specifies the sort of trader. Many platforms mistake providing customers with only a few account features, causing their true requirements to be overlooked. When picking an account, a trader considers several criteria, including the degree of risk, the needed payment, leverage, and so on.

What about the account choices, though? IC Markets understands that every trader is different because they all have varying degrees of knowledge, competence, experience, appetite for risk, and budgets. With this in view, IC Markets has created a range of accounts to suit the needs of each trader, intending to accommodate as many people as possible who utilize the broker’s facilities. Some examples include the addition of Islamic-friendly accounts and a trial account for non-experienced traders to test the market and learn which methods perform best before going on to the real deal.

Only then will the account be a great option if all of these qualities fit the trader’s interests. However, many brokers are unconcerned about this. Except for the IC Markets, this platform has successfully recognized its audience’s demands and provided them with the appropriate services. That’s why they created accounts that they believe will serve many traders well and provide them with the perks they require.

For example, a demo account is a fantastic way for traders to practice before starting trading, and you’ll be least likely to lose money with this option. A Muslim account is also available, which allows Muslim traders to participate.

Assets and Market Options

The next step is to select the instruments you wish to trade, and IC Markets provides a wide range of alternatives for you to pick from. With the variety of instruments available here, you may easily diversify your investment portfolio. You can trade currencies in the forex market or commodities, indices, and stocks in CFDs. Additionally, cryptocurrencies have been introduced, allowing you to experiment with this digital money. After going over the IC Markets platform’s features stepwise, you can be confident that it is a smart trading option for you.

One of the most important aspects of online trading is the asset you’re dealing with. Each asset is distinct. The way it’s traded, the benefits, the risks, and other item features all differed, implying that traders would only purchase if they were motivated. This is the most common and lucrative item when we look at currency peering from Forex. Every trader aspires to be a part of the forex market, one of the largest and most profitable in the world. Despite this, a huge number of traders are interested in trading cryptocurrency.

The marketplaces that a brokerage allows you to access are the greatest place to start when evaluating it. After all, the markets and products you trade in them determine your online trading results. Because no two tools provide the same results, you must select the ones that will help you achieve your objectives as soon as feasible. IC Markets has the advantage of providing its clients with access to a wide variety of marketplaces through its platform.

The broker’s instruments are some of the most popular options from the world’s largest financial marketplaces. The wide variety assures that IC Markets traders will expand their trading portfolios to reduce risk and increase earnings. You may trade Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and indices, to name a few.

IC Markets is an excellent choice because it is a very adaptable platform with several options for clients. This means that whether or not the asset is beneficial for the broker, it is still accessible for customers to trade and benefit from. Most brokers do this, and they choose assets that will profit the brokerage. Consequently, many brokers choose high volatility assets in which traders invest, resulting in gains for the broker. This is achieved by persuading the trader to participate in a risky transaction that does not benefit the trader.

The IC Markets, on the other side, does not operate in this manner. Rather, it is concerned with ensuring that all of its clients have access to any asset they desire. Traders will be able to choose the asset that will offer them profits and other benefits in this way. IC Markets offers currency pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies as trading choices. These are some great options, and the best part is that you have a lot among them to pick from. So, if you want to trade, choose one of the options and get ready.

Registration process

The very first step is to review the registration process and determine what needs to be done. To sign up and establish an account with IC Markets, you must fill out only one form on their website. It requests your first and last name, as well as your contact information, nationality, and email address. In order to register with them, you must also accept the company’s Terms & Conditions and affirm that you are at least 18 years of age.

The methods of payment

To begin trading, you’ll need to put money down, so it’s a good thing to discover what payment choices are available to you. IC Markets has added a number of options to its website for your convenience. You may pay using debit and credit cards, includes Visa and MasterCard, as well as bank transfers. The procedures are simple to complete, and there are no charges for deposits or withdrawals.


To determine whether a broker is trustworthy, look at how much consideration they give to security. IC Markets’ policies show that they haven’t taken this matter carelessly and have put in a lot of work to build a secure trading system. They use account separation to keep their customers’ money separate from the company’s. They’ve also used firewalls and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to keep all data and information protected on the site.

Furthermore, IC Markets has established AML and Know-Your-Customer regulations on its platform. Traders must confirm their accounts by presenting documentation proving their identity and address. It’s a means of preventing false accounts from being created on their network, as well as lowering the danger of identity fraud, money laundering, and financial crime.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important features of a broker that might suggest its trustworthiness. Usually, fraudulent brokerages do not give any means for their consumers to contact them. It would not be an issue with IC Markets since they have integrated numerous methods via which their clients may contact them. You may contact their representatives via their website’s Contact Us page, including an email address and a phone number. They are fast to respond and will take care of your issue as soon as feasible.

What are the advantages of choosing IC Markets over other options?

To begin with, this is an important aspect to keep in mind. Without a trading platform, you can’t trade successfully. The online trading market works in the same manner as a means of transport on its route to its destination does. You must first step on the platform before boarding this vehicle. Don’t be fooled by people who argue that using a broker isn’t a better choice. Each one of these advantages is only accessible if your broker is knowledgeable and reliable. Now you must pick if you want to profit from a competent trader’s skills or risk your investment by experimenting with alternative options.

If you want to investigate other options, keep in mind that it will be quite expensive. On the other hand, IC Markets is the solution if you want a reliable broker who will provide you with the best service available. The team is not typical; it consists of qualified traders that have been trading for years and are well-versed in all aspects of the market. This knowledge may be beneficial to traders, particularly those with considerable experience, since these experts may aid you in selecting the right plan of action.


We could go on and on about all the wonderful features and capabilities that IC Markets offers its customers. Still, we believe that the essentials have been properly addressed in this review and that you now have a good understanding of what you want to get started.

In a business that is constantly expanding and developing to meet our society’s demands, there are very few brokers that can follow up with these changes. Still, IC Markets has done so, and we truly think it is the finest broker available today. We invite you to test out all of these services for yourself after visiting IC Markets’ website, which has a very smooth and professional appearance.

You’ll also have access to round-the-clock customer service, substantial and in-depth educational materials, a quick and straightforward registration procedure, a variety of account kinds, and favorable trading conditions, all of which combine to make IC Markets an excellent trading option for everyone.

Not to add that, unlike many other broker platforms, it is simple to use and comprehend. A broker that is both innovative and user-friendly is becoming increasingly uncommon these days, so we expect you will continue to choose IC Markets as your broker in the future to facilitate a seamless and profitable trading experience.