Here’s How ChatGPT’s Latest Version Invests $100 in Crypto

ChatGPT has revolutionized the world of online searches and academic inquiry. The project was introduced by OpenAI and took the internet by storm. However, the firm intends to keep upgrading the project with no signs of slowing down and has introduced a new improved version of ChatGPT named 4th edition.

ChatGPT3 had a 10% chance to pass the bar exam while the ChatGPT4 has a 90% chance of passing this tough legislative examination.

Everyone interested in the latest tech venture is using the new project in innovative ways. One such user has asked ChatGPT4 to spend $100 worth of Bitcoin. The answer to this question is interesting and sheds some light on the recent market sentiment.

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ChatGPT4 claimed that it is bullish on Bitcoin for the last 7 days. It has also shown enthusiasm towards other altcoins such as Ethereum, Cosmos, and Atom. These questions were run through ChatGPT4 by Cointelegraph.

Crypto Investors have Tried to Measure the Capabilities of ChatGPT4 in Cryptocurrency Trading

The journalists at Cointelegraph were set to test out the caliber of cryptocurrency market understanding of the ChatGPT4 program. Therefore, they also asked the program to reflect on how the recent banking crisis in the USA is going to impact the trading conditions for cryptocurrency investors.

They were trying to extract a winning trading strategy from ChatGPT4. This experiment was conducted and instructed the bot to find a way to make as much profit as possible.

The parameter for ChatGPT4 was to maximize the profit potential of its users with $100 worth of Bitcoin. To ensure that the bot understands the prompt, the journalist constructed their question in an apprehensive and concise manner. They also ensure that the answer was given in the form of trading instruction by ChatGPT4 much like other searches on the AI protocol.

It is worth noting that the latest version of ChatGPT made its debut just 4 months after its first version was introduced. Therefore, it is possible that thus far the project has not run many queries related to cryptocurrency market analysis and formulating trading strategies.

However, the latest and improved version understood the prompt and suggested that users invest $50 in Bitcoin, $25 in Ethereum, $15 in Atom, and $10 in the acquisition of NFTs or any other Web3 product.

ChatGPT4 also claimed that Bitcoin has long-term trading potential despite the recent price volatility and other economic pressures. It claimed that Ethereum prices are also indicative of the recent recovery. For Atom, it claims that it has become a secure project on account of the interchain security protocol by Cosmos blockchain.

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