HASHFROG Has Formed A Partnership With ANTPOOL And BITMAIN To Enter Ecosystem Of KDA

The cryptocurrency industry has proven to be extremely prosperous and flourishing in recent years. In recent years, the number of cryptocurrency projects launched has been tremendous.

The investors have generated huge investments and have gained from multiple investment opportunities offered within the crypto sector.

Despite the high risks, the investors have continued investing in cryptocurrencies and have generated huge profits interacting with the world of crypto-blockchains.

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Growing Success of KDA

Lately, the KDA ecosystem has been thriving and it has proven to be a highly efficient blockchain system. It is the only project in the cryptocurrency industry that crypto enthusiastic users refer to as the next big thing after Bitcoin.

It is considered the only project that can outperform and surpass Bitcoin in the future. The network has proven to be quite advantageous for the cryptocurrency community for multiple reasons.

Some of the major benefits of KDA include better scalability, transaction cost-efficiency, and simplicity. As per the KDA developers, all the features offered by the KDA are better and more efficient than Bitcoin.

As per data, the circulation of tokens for KDA is expected to rise up to 990 million in the future.


Just recently, BITMAIN announced that it has formed a partnership with KDA. BITMAIN is one of the largest manufacturers of mining equipment in the world.

With their partnership, more opportunities and benefits would be made available for the cryptocurrency community.

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HASHFROG has partnered with ANTPOOL and BITMAIN

HASHFROG, another major platform offering investment opportunities in diversified cryptocurrencies has announced its recent partnership.

The crypto investment platform has officially announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with ANTPOOL and BITMAIN.

Both companies have announced that following their partnership, they will be launching mining products for users based on cloud infrastructure.

These mining products will be available for KDA users offering efficiency, flexibility, and low cost. Users from all over the world will be able to benefit from the services and generate gains from mining activities.


In the latest press conference, HASHFROG revealed that it has partnered with BITMAIN in order to benefit from its mining rigs, ANTMINER KA3.

The particular ANTMINER KA3 rigs will offer 166 T hashrate as well as offering an energy efficiency ratio that would be 19 J/T.

The ANTMINER KA3s is a series of 19 miners that have been developed by BITMAIN for improved mining purposes. These miners are known for using heat dissipation technology that is air-cooled.

At the time of writing, the trading price of Kadena is worth $1.51 per KDA and it has surged by 1.61% in the past 24 hours. The latest partnership between the firms would help push the trading price of KDA quite significantly.