GTlot Review – Is GTlot Scam or a Trustworthy Trading Platform?

Is GTlot Scam or Legit?

Is GTlot Scam or Legit?Do you want to be financially independent? It would undoubtedly be a big accomplishment if you are able to achieve your financial goals, but it is easier said than done. There are no shortcuts to making money, at least not that are legal and people are left scratching their heads in trying to figure out what to do to supplement their income. If you are looking for quick rewards and don’t mind taking some risks to earn them, the trading market can provide the perfect opportunities for you. As a matter of fact, some of the richest people in the world have made their fortunes in this market.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a degree or any other qualification to become a trader. This market doesn’t have any such restrictions and barriers and it is open to everyone, as long as they have money to invest. You don’t need a hefty sum either in order to get started, but what you do need is a good broker. This is where most people stumble and are unable to tap into the potential of the trading market. Brokers can have a direct impact on your bottom line, which means you have to proceed with caution when choosing one.

You can run an online search for a broker and will be presented with a myriad of options. The popularity of the trading market has led to an increase in brokerages, but the variety can make it challenging to choose one.

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GTlot is also one of the names that will pop up when you are looking at different brokers in the market. Based in the Netherlands, GTlot has created a set of services that can cater to both newcomers in the market, along with seasoned traders. But, how well do they accomplish this goal? This is something that needs to be determined with due diligence.

The steps you should follow to assess GTlot are outlined below:

Step 1: Check their asset index

What assets are offered by the broker? Their asset index should be your first priority because there is no point in moving forward if the broker doesn’t offer the instrument you wish to trade. GTlot does not specialize in a particular trading product, which does appeal to traders because it opens up opportunities of diversification. Their offerings comprise of 300 financial instruments that are spread across different asset categories and you can choose those that appeal to you.

You will find a good variety of commodities, including precious metals, soft commodities like cocoa, corn, rice and wheat and natural energies. Government bonds can also be traded via GTlot. If you want to access bigger markets, forex currency pairs, including major, minor and rare pairs, can also be found on the platform. People who prefer investing in shares of individual companies will have access to the stock market whereas indices are available for those who prefer trading a basket of shares.

Step 2: Take a look at the trading platform

You cannot proceed to signing up before checking what kind of trading platform is provided by a broker. This platform is the software used for conducting and executing trades and any problems with it could directly affect your trading ability. There are different forms of platforms available and every broker is free to develop the one they deem best. At GTlot, a web trading platform has been incorporated, which is accessed through a web browser. This means it doesn’t have to be downloaded or installed.

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Plus, it is flexible because it works on any device that supports a web browser. The trading platform by GTlot is intuitive and easy-to-navigate. It runs on powerful technology and comes with a good set of trading tools for assisting users. You will be able to trade in a single click, enjoy quick and speedy execution, trade directly through charts and even get the latest market news. But, modern traders may want even more advanced solutions and bearing that in mind, mobile apps have also been added to the offerings. These are available for Android and iOS devices and also come with some tools and features to make trading easy.

Step 3: Consider their registration and accounts

The next step that traders should take is to weigh the registration process and the account options they will have available. After all, you want to ensure that you can trade comfortably and not be confined to limited features and options. GTlot’s registration comprises of a simple form available on the website that has to be filled with some personal information. Your name, country, phone number, time zone and email address and password are necessary. In addition, you also need to accept the broker’s Terms and Conditions.

This registration allows you to open a free account with GTlot and there are no hidden fee or setup charges involved. In regard to account choices, there are three options that the broker has developed. Each of these accounts are meant for a different class of traders and you can choose one according to the category you fall in. The options are:

  • Beginner account: The name indicates that this is for newcomers and a deposit of €250 has to be made to open this account. It provides access to basic features like online webinars, free market research and all trading products.
  • Advanced account: This account at GTlot is for intermediate traders who have some experience. Therefore, they are asked to deposit a minimum of €5,000 to open this account. They receive a dedicated account manager and sessions with an expert.
  • Expert account: As indicated, this account option is meant for professional and seasoned traders and a deposit of €20,000 has to be made. Under this account, traders have access to every feature that GTlot has to offer.

Final Step

This is when you are ready to make a decision about whether to sign up with the broker or not. GTlot’s offerings are capable of helping you take advantage of numerous trading opportunities.