Green capitalz Review – Is Scam or Legit?

Green capitalz Review


Trading will be different for you when you sign up with Green capitalz. This company does not provide you with conventional trading. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to trade CFDs. This trading software will run on your iPhone smoothly, and on your Android phones without any issues. You can even use it on your desktop computer if that’s the way you like to trade.

Green capitalz Review

Green capitalz official logoNo matter how much money you have saved for trading, you have to make sure that you know as much as possible about the trading platform that you are about to join.

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However, I can tell you that this whole exercise can take a lot of time. I am one of you because I am a trader too. I have been in trading for some years, but when I started a few years ago, I was just like you. I had no clue about trading or where I had to start. I am sure you are going through the same feeling. However, I can tell you that I am here to help you with that. I will save you from spending hours and even days of research that is required to pick the right platform for trading.

Today, I will be telling you about a broker that I found after many months of research. I had found many other options before, but I was sure that this was the one. Why? Because all the important factors that I was considering at that time, this online company had properly taken care of them all. It made me feel that I was being heard as a trader. It also showed me the way to safe trading. I can tell you that there are hundreds of other trading services providers in the world, but I can’t find anyone that’s as good as this one. Of course, all that I have told you right now might sound like a sales pitch.

You might think that the company has paid me to write such great words for it, but that’s not true at all. I can assure that the features of this firm are better than most other out there. I will tell you the details and let you make the decision on your own. I think that is about fair for you and me. So, let’s go and know more about Green capitalz.

Broker Green capitalz
Assets Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies
Trading Commissions From 0.87%
SSL Security Yes
Deposits Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, Online Payments, Cryptocurrencies
Training Yes
Account Types 5 (Student, Standard, Investor, VIP, and VIP Platinum)
Welcome Bonus Up to 150%
Customer Support 24/7
Located In South Africa
Platform Availability Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

Green capitalz website

All You Should Know before You Create a Trading Account

·         You Will Trade CFDs

When you pick an online platform for your trading needs, the first thing you have to make sure is the type of trading you will be doing. If you are new to this world, you must not know that there are many ways you can trade today. First of all, you have the conventional way of trading in which you can pick an asset and start trading it. If you pick stock trading, you pick the stocks of a particular company and start selling or buying them. In the same manner, if you pick forex trading, you pick a currency pair and decide to purchase or sell it in the market.

But trading will be different for you when you sign up with Green capitalz. This company does not provide you with conventional trading. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to trade CFDs. In this type of trading, you will be trading contracts for differences, which is the full form of CFDs. When you trade CFDs, you don’t actually own the asset, which appears on your trading platform. You only buy the contracts of that asset. However, the price of a CFD increases or decreases with the increase or decrease in the price of the asset itself. You might not trade the actual asset, but it is not much different from that.

Once you have chosen this platform for trading, you will find yourself in many financial markets. In these financial markets, you will have hundreds and thousands of different assets that you can trade. You can pick from commodities, energies, and precious metals. You can also trade fiat currencies in the forex currency market. If you don’t like this type of trading, you can go with stock trading as well. To take things to the next level, you can go with indices trading, in which you can trade many different types of assets from many companies in a bucket form.

·         Quite a Few Cryptocurrencies Available for Trading

I have seen many online brokers that are providing you with their unique services. I have used the word “unique” because that’s what they all like to call themselves. However, the reality is quite different on the ground when you sign up with them. I have seen forex brokers providing you with only a limited number of currency pairs. In fact, they will not even give you access to minor and exotic currency pairs. I have noticed with most forex brokers that they stick with only the most famous and stable currency pairs. When it comes to other CFD trading services providers, they usually shy away from providing you with cryptocurrency trading.

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Now, you have another group of online companies that provides you with cryptocurrency trading. However, the biggest problem with these companies is that they are again pretty limited with their offerings. They will only give you access to the major cryptocurrencies. In addition to that, you will only be able to trade them in one direction i.e. you can either purchase or sell them depending on the market conditions. If you want to trade freely and be a part of the online cryptocurrency trading world, you should consider signing up with Green capitalz.

This company has taken the extra step that most others have not been able to. You can now trade a variety of digital coins with it. Yes, you will not be stuck with the biggest cryptocurrencies only. If you want to go with other digital coins that are not yet famous but have a very strong reputation, you can trade them with Green capitalz.

Green capitalz Trading Platform

·         The Trading Platform Is for All Your Devices

You can now trade on all your devices with ease because you the broker that has provided you with a very modern trading platform. This trading platform has been created for modern traders and they will find quite a few luxuries on this one. Firstly, you will not have to worry about the type of phone that you have purchased when you have access to this trading platform. This trading software will run on your iPhone smoothly, and on your Android phones without any issues. You can even use it on your desktop computer if that’s the way you like to trade.

With this trading platform, you can be in any part of the world and trade with ease because you can access the software and use it without any hassle. You should also consider the fact that all the important charts, tools, news, and calendars that you need are there on your trading platform. It is easy to learn and I can tell you that it did not even take me an hour to learn how I was going to use this platform.

·         Open Trading and Savings Accounts

Open the type of account that you want to go with. You are not forced by the broker to open an account of its choice. Now, if you prefer to sign up with the online company with a basic trading account, you can do that. You have five different account types and you can choose the one that best caters to your trading style and provides you with a budget-friendly option to trade. So, if you go with the explorer or basic account, you can start with only $3000. You can go with other accounts with more features, but they are advanced accounts and require you to deposit more funds.

Now, there is something that you will love about this broker more than you will love about any other company out there. So, I am glad that this company provides you with the option of savings account as well. This account allows you to save funds that will increase with time if you continue to hold them in the account. You don’t even have to worry about trading because that’s not what savings accounts are for. You just have to maintain a required amount in these accounts to get a profit after a set period. You can call the company to know about the period that you have to complete to get any profits on your savings.

·         Many Tools to Help Traders

There are many tools that you will get access to when you sign up with Green capitalz. I can tell you that almost all the online companies that provide you with trading services have their tools to help you with your trades, but this one is different. The tools from Green capitalz are different because they have been created with you in mind. From an economic calendar that tells you about all the events that are coming up to news that will tell you about the market, you have all these tools in one place so you can always take a well-informed decision.

If you look at the different account types that you can go with when you sign up with Green capitalz, you will realize that you also have access to weekly market reviews. I have always liked them a lot. They can point to some really awesome patterns that can help you with your trades. You can always notice patterns in the news and find out what the impact was on the financial market. You can then use this information to place your trades in the future.

Green capitalz education

·         Training and Education You Deserve

You will get proper training with this online trading services provider. You need to know a lot about training before you take advantage of this particular feature from the company you are thinking about signing up with. The trading and education you will receive from Green capitalz will be completely different what you can expect from other online brokers. If you wish, you can pick the right account and you will have personal training sessions with the best experts in the industry who can tell you all the secrets to trade successfully regardless of the conditions of the market.

·         Bonuses That Make Sense

I love the bonus feature from Green capitalz. I have seen many online companies that provide you with similar services. For some reason, they are not very generous when it comes to offering something different to new traders. You see, when you are a new trader, you are looking for reasons to sign up with an online broker. However, it is pitiful that many online companies do not even think about this particular factor. They think that having a modern trading platform and a large asset index will be enough for them. Well, what do you know? New traders are not even aware of the importance of a large asset index until you tell them about it.

With Green capitalz, I have always liked the bonuses very much. When I signed up with this company many years ago, I went with the explorer account first. I was not sure about my trading decisions at that time. However, the 30% bonus I received with just the explorer account was nothing less than a surprise for me. This did it for me. I had then made up my mind that I was going to sign up with Green capitalz and make my trading career with it.

·         Security That Matters

Your information and money are safe with this firm. It has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that every trader on its platform can breathe a sigh of relief. You will not have to worry that some day some data breach will result in the company losing all your information. It is very difficult for online hackers to get access to your information when the broker you sign up with has already taken care of those issues. Your trading services provider has to make sure that your information gets encrypted as soon as you enter it on the website. In addition to that, your money should also be in a safe place.

You will have peace of mind when you go with Green capitalz. The information you provide will be protected through encryption and all the money that you deposit in your account will go into segregated funds. This might sound like something new, but that’s the standard the online trading industry follows to protect your money.

·         Commissions You Can Call Negligible

You will have to pay some sort of commission to the online company that has provided you with its trading platform for trading. This is the commission that helps the broker continue with its operations. If you are not going to give any money to the company, how do you think it will survive and provide its services to other traders? Well, that’s a good reason to give commissions to the company, but there is something more for you to think. How much money should you give as commission? If you make Green capitalz a standard, I am sure you are going to like the final equation.

You have Green capitalz making trading easy for you like never before. Once you sign up with this company, you will have to pay a commission of no more than 0.82% on the trades that you confirm with the company. You might see it as commission, but I see it as a very small commission? Why do I say that? Well, I have seen online companies taking even more than 2% in commissions from their traders. trust me you won’t like such a huge percentage when it comes out of every trade that you confirm.

·         Bookkeeping and Trading Analyst Help

The bookkeepers and trading analysts are there to help you with your trades and trading decisions when you sign up with Green capitalz. This is a very unique step taken by this broker. I can tell you that most other brokers don’t even bother with such features. You have to pay attention to a company that is going the extra mile to bring you something that you are going to love. So, the bookkeeper is there to help you with your trading strategies. At the same time, you will get a lot of help with your trades when you have a trading analyst by your side.

You have to keep in mind that the trading analyst will provide you with information that you can use in all your trades to keep in the same direction. You will not be derailed from your initial trading goals if you stick with what the trading analyst have to say to you. It is amazing that you are getting these services for free with Green capitalz.

·         Excellent Customer Support

The customer support from Green capitalz is something you are going to fall in love with. You can always get in touch with the company in the way that suits you. If you have always liked your communication in the form of emails, you can send an email to the company with your inquiry in it. In addition to that, you have a phone number given on the website that you can call when you have any issues with your trading account or trading in general. From the account types that you see on the website, it will be clear to you that the broker is available to help you with your issues 24/7.

·         Deposit through Proper Channels

Depositing money in your account should not be a challenge. However, it is unfortunate to say that there are certain online elements that can make this process difficult for you. You have some online companies that provide you with professional trading services. The issue with these companies is that they are not letting you use proper channels for depositing money in your account. I think if you are serious about your safety and security, you will never use an unknown or unsafe method for depositing money in your account.

When you are with Green capitalz, you can always fund your account through the methods that you can call truly safe. You can use bank wire transfer, which is slow yet very safe. You can go with your credit card, which is fast and safe. Lastly, you can use internet-based payment options as well.

Green capitalz security

·         AML and KYC Policies

The AML and KYC policies are there for brokers to take care of the issues that usually arise in the form of illegal matters. You have many traders from around the world who are not even traders. These are people who have made some money in some countries and now they want to use this money to start a trading account. First of all, they have made this money through black methods. Secondly, they find online brokers as targets for them to protect their money. However, you can’t expect something of that sort to happen when you have signed up with a company like Green capitalz.

This firm will make sure that you are always using a trading platform that you can be confident about. Through KYC policy, the broker makes sure that it knows every trader before they start trading using their account. Through the AML policy, the company makes sure that no one uses the trading platform for money laundering objectives. These filters are there for the company to make sure that only legitimate, professional, and serious traders sign up on its platform.

Final Thoughts

So, there are many reasons for you to think that Green capitalz is one of the best companies out there that are providing you with trading services. I had told you in the beginning that I will shed light on every important feature of this company to help you make the right decision. At this point, you know a lot about Green capitalz, how it provides you with trading services, and what you can expect when you are on its trading platform. Just make sure that you pick the right account according to your budget and trading needs.