Google Plans to Introduce Up and Coming Crypto Platform to Global Audience

Bakkt is an up-and-coming digital asset platform and shows a great deal of promise. Recently, Bakkt made an announcement that was heard all over the crypto community. In this announcement, Bakkt claimed that it had made a collaboration with Google for the coming years. In this collaboration, Google would help in the introduction of Bakkt’s digital assets to a worldwide audience, which could be in millions.

With the help of this collaboration, Bakkt believes that consumers would benefit from the added access and reach to a variety of cryptocurrencies. Digital asset platform as well as intercontinental exchange, which goes by the name of Bakkt made this announcement on Friday, much to the delight of the global crypto community. For those who don’t know, Bakkt stepped foot in the crypto scene during 2018.

It was launched by Intercontinental Exchange Inc, which also happens to be the New York Stock Exchange’s parent company.  What’s more, Bakkt gives consumers as well as institutions the freedom to spend, store, sell, and purchase a variety of profitable digital assets, which also includes crypto. Once Bakkt made the announcement, people came up with a variety of different questions about it. One of the questions happened to be “would users have the ability to add the Bakkt virtual Visa Debit Card to Google Pay?”

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This question was asked to make sure that people would be able to buy everyday services and goods, in-store, online, or anywhere Google Pay is available and accepted. Well, Bakkt was very quick to address this question and claimed that people would indeed be able to make purchases utilizing Google Pay for getting their preferred goods and services. As you would expect, this service would offer a great deal of convenience to Bakkt users, making sure they can conduct their transactions without any issues.

In addition to that, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin would also end up getting converted into fiat in order for the payments to be conducted the right way. It is also worth keeping in mind that there are plenty of other renowned and lesser-known platforms that have included Google Pay. This includes Coinbase as well as Bitpay. Bitpay, in particular, incorporated Google Pay for anybody who has a U.S card, allowing them to spend their crypto without difficulties.

Coinbase, on the other hand, gave users the freedom to make payments through Google Pay and Apple pay in the month of June. With Google taking an active part in promoting up-and-coming crypto-like Bakkt. The future for the crypto landscape seems indeed bright. It also shows that crypto investments will increase down the line.