Genesis11 Review – Is Genesis11 Scam or Legit? ( is an honest broker!)

Genesis11 Review


The Genesis11 clients-based orientation is something many trading platforms out there lack. Genesis11 makes the needs of each one of its clients as its priority, and that is why each feature and services provided by Genesis11 are tailored to meet clients’ needs. Genesis11 offers traders the opportunity to earn from their platform asides from trading. The broker is offering referral bonuses of up to $2000 to clients that can bring in their family and friends to join the trading company.


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There’s nothing like too much research. Information is power, and as a trader (whether a newbie, intermediate, or expert), it is your greatest tool for succeeding in the financial market. Hence, it will always be a good idea to have as much information about the financial market and trading platforms before investing your funds.

Trading companies are gateways into the financial market, and without them, traders won’t be able to participate at all in the financial market. Today, there are so many trading companies out there that it has become difficult for traders to choose an ideal one. However, there are some features traders can look out for to know if a broker is decent enough to serve them.

The overall trading experience and ease at which trades are being executed is a primary feature that separates decent brokers from mediocre ones. Today, a lot of brokers are incompetent at meeting the trading demands and needs of their customers. Hence they lose these clients to a much better broker that can provide the trader’s needs adequately.

This is an indication that every trader desires a trading platform that understands the dynamics of the market structure, various trading techniques, and market innovations to serve their trading needs better.

Thus, the primary reason why traders will choose a broker will be as a result of the features and services it is putting on the table. A decent broker must be adequate enough to meet the trading needs of its customers, be it security, support, account management, trade executions, and so on at any time. To add to this, a decent broker must be to attend to the specific needs of each broker irrespective of their trading experience (amateur, intermediate, and professionals).

Another feature to put into consideration is the number of instruments and assets of trades being offered by the trading platform. Traders come across many online brokers with the claims of offering many juicy guarantees; they give the assurance of providing a quality trading environment for forex trading, crypto trading, stock, CFDs, commodities, and various trading assets. However, this does not turn out to be accurate as most of these online trading platforms are from various isolated corners across the globe and are unable to deliver even a small amount of the offerings they advertise.

This is the primary reason why research must be carried out to discover reliable and reputable trading platforms that live up to expectations and provide the necessary assistance to meet your trading and financial goals and above all protect your investments against cyberattacks from hackers.

Talking about reliable and reputable trading platforms, one of the few that comes to mind is Genesis11. We’ll be doing a review of Genesis11 to explain the features, attributes expressly, and services it offers that makes it unique.

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An overview of Genesis11

Broker Genesis11
Parent company Genesis11 GmbH
Trading option Stock, Cryptocurrency, Forex, Indexes, Energy, Metals, and ETFs
Office Location Dominica, Cyprus, and Wenlock (London)
Minimum deposit $500
Location Munchen, Germany
Referral Bonus Up to $2000
Trading Platform Web-Based
Trading Academy Courses, Videos, Ebooks, and tutorials
Customer support 5 days a week, 24 hours a day, FAQ section, Live Chat, Telephone and Email
Account Options Mini Account, Classic Account, and Premium Account
Payment Method Credit or Debit card, Wire transfer, and Bank Draft
Personal Consultant Yes

Genesis11 Review

Genesis11 has come to be a leading trading platform making huge impacts across the globe in the financial market. It has established itself to be a creative trading platform and aims to be the best among so many in the industry.

Genesis11 is efficient in offering its clients the opportunities and means to earn profits on their investments using modern technologies one can find in the financial market.

Upon establishment, Genesis11 founded its headquarters in Germany and has further spread across various locations such as Cyprus, Dominica, and Wenlock (London). The expansion aims to further allow more investors and traders to have access to the quality services they provide. Hence, Genesis11 then serves more clients from various countries across the globe.

This trading platform continues to attract the attention of many traders and investors due to its devotion to developing a user-friendly experience for all traders, irrespective of their experience level. Let’s have a look at some of the unique features and services it offers its clients.

  • Security Procedure

Trading generally involves a significant amount of risks. Because of this, investors and traders are always warned about the volatility and risk involved in the financial market. Hence, the need for a trader to find a broker that can adequately offer security for his /her investments or funds is important.

The integration and digitalization of currencies have also further exposed investments to cyberattacks from hackers. And as such, sophisticated security measures are needed to be employed to protect investments against these threats from hackers. And this is exactly what Genesis11 has done.

Genesis11 has established various security measures to protect clients’ investments as well as sensitive personal information against frauds. To protect its clients, Genesis11 complies with the anti-money laundry (AML) policy. The goal of the policy is to curb all sorts of activities of money laundering by providing accurate and quick information on suspected cases of money laundering.

Furthermore, the broker is also in compliance with the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy which mandates all trading platforms to validate their clients’ identity to make sure that clients are real persons, over the age of 18 years and the card used for payments belongs to such individual.

  • Education on Trading

Genesis11 trading educationGenesis11 understands that information is key in the financial business and thus makes available necessary trading information on its Website.

The information is targeted at new traders looking to have a basic knowledge about the financial market. Traders don’t have to register with Genesis11 to have access to this basic information.

The basic information provided explains in-depth, both fundamental and technical analysis in a way that you might not need to read extra courses to start trading.

The information also explains various trading scenarios, the concept of risk management, and how to use the hedging technique during trades.

Traders get access to advanced trading materials once they sign up with the trading platform. Trading courses, videos, ebooks, and tutorials are all made available to assist traders in making successful trades.

  • Trading Platform

Genesis11 trading platformYour trading experience, whether good or bad is dependent on the trading platform offered by a broker. To have a decent trading experience, a broker must provide a flexible, user-friendly interface meeting with the needs of all types of traders. Genesis11 has done just that.

Genesis11 has developed a web-based platform that caters to the needs of all types of traders in the financial market. The trading platform is integrated with the latest advanced, specialized tools and charts to assist traders in making successful trades. The platform is high-speed, smooth, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and reliable.

Traders can always access the trading platform by making use of standard web browsers such as Mozilla, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on. Furthermore, the trading platform is compatible with Windows, Linus, and macOS operating systems.

The creative format of this trading platform in combination with its flexible layout is aimed at providing traders with exceptional control of various trading techniques to achieve their financial goals.

  • Trading options

In managing investment risks, investors and traders have made use of diversification of investments into various trading options. This means that trading capitals are divided and invested in various assets offered by a broker to minimize risk. However, the extent to which diversification can occur is dependent on the number of trading options made available by a broker.

Recognizing how diversification is essential to investors and traders, Genesis11 offers a wide range of trading options to its customers. It offers trading assets such as Stocks, Metals, Forex, Indices, ETFs, Cryptocurrency, and Energy.

In general, Genesis11 offers a total of 500 cryptocurrencies and 2000 assets. Hence, investors and traders have infinite investment opportunities and a wide range of diversification to maximize huge profits. Let’s have a look at some of these assets;


Genesis11 offers the most traded cryptocurrencies and various altcoins. Some of the major cryptocurrencies offered include Bitcoin cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Digital cash (DASH), Ripple (XRP), and Ethereum (ETH).


Genesis11 gives access to investors to trade popular indices in the index market. Major indices such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE, and NASDAQ are made available.


Investors can trade stocks of huge companies such as Google, Netflix, Apple, Intel, Amazon, and so on.

  • Recovery Program

The recovery program is extensive research completed on a trader’s standing financial portfolio aimed at pointing out the weaknesses, issues, strengths, and apparent potential it encompasses. And then make use of the information gathered to integrate significant changes.

This is done by taking notes of traders’ financial goals, present and past relationships, then establishing a technique to help traders maintain their finances.

  • Account Options

Genesis11 accountsIn the quest to meet the trading needs of its numerous clients across the globe, Genesis11 has come up with three different account options to meet the diverse goals amateurs and expert traders have in the financial market. The trading accounts offered are tiered based on traders’ experience level, available capital to invest, and risk appetite. These accounts are the Mini account, Classic account, and Premium account.

Mini Account

The mini account is a basic account designed for those just looking to understand the dynamics of the market. The account is ideal for newbies and amateur traders who are not looking to use sophisticated trading tools. The mini account offers various offerings such as an online support chat, free ebooks, access to market research, and the latest news. To open this account, the least deposit fee of $500 is required, and it can be increased up to a maximum of $4,999.

Classic Account

The classic account is designed for skilled or intermediate investors and traders who are looking to trade with more tools than the mini account. The classic account provides numerous offerings such as online support charts, free ebooks, access to market research and latest news, online phone support, real-time trading signals, and trading education programs. To open this account, the least deposit fee of $5000 is required, and it can be increased up to a maximum of $19,999.

Premium Account

The premium account is designed for professionals or expert investors and traders who are looking to trade with advanced trading tools and have more appetite to take risks. The premium account provides numerous offerings such as online support charts, free ebooks, access to market research and latest news, online phone support, real-time trading signals, account executive, trade mentor, and trading education program. To open this account, the least deposit fee of $20,000 is required.

  • Bonus on Accounts

Genesis11 offers traders the opportunity to earn from their platform asides from trading. The broker is offering referral bonuses of up to $2000 to clients that can bring in their family and friends to join the trading company.

For each referral a customer brings to join the company, Genesis11 gives a total of $200 provided the referral deposits more than $200 into their trading account. Each customer can refer a maximum of 10 people summing up to a total of $2000 as a referral bonus.

Furthermore, a welcome bonus of $200 is offered to new investors on their initial deposits up to a maximum of $2000 with Genesis11.

  • Deposits and Withdrawals

The initial investment is expected to be deposited with a broker before trading can commence. Without that, trading seems impossible. Also, since every trader expects to make a profit, withdrawals are expected to be made.

Brokers must ensure that various methods to make both withdrawals and deposits are made available and above all, simple and straightforward. Genesis11 offers three different methods for clients to make their withdrawals and deposits. These include;

Credit or Debit Card

This is the fastest way clients can deposit their funds with Genesis11. Funding your account with a credit or debit card is very easy and straightforward. All you need to do is select the method and input the needed information.  For payment to be approved, an international credit or debit card must be used.

The minimum deposit one can make with Genesis500 is $500, and the same also goes with withdrawals.

Bank Draft

Client’s can also make use of bank drafts; however, the transaction can take approximately five working days before getting approved and processed.

Wire Transfer

To make use of wire transfer to fund your account with this broker, some needed documents are expected to be filled. Also, the minimum deposit allowed when using wire transfer is $10,000, which is something you must consider if it’s best for you.

Wire transfers sometimes take approximately five working days before it is approved and complicated. You will get a notification via email once parents have reflected in your trading account.

Due to Genesis11 following the KYC policy, it makes it compulsory for all its clients to pass through a verification process before being allowed to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies into and out of their trading accounts.

The procedure entails finalizing an online form and submitting the essential documents requested. The time taken to process the documents takes approximately five working days. Some of the personal information required is:

  • Full name(s) utilized in the process of registration.
  • Existing permanent address, constituting postal code.
  • Date of birth.
  • Occupation or profession.
  • Latest full passport photograph.
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Duplicate of bank statement, or local tax authority bill or current utility bill

However, even though verification is important for users who want to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies, it is not essential for trading, withdrawal, and deposit of cryptocurrency.

  • Customer Support

Genesis11 customer supportCustomer support is a crucial factor to look out for when choosing a broker.  Unexpected situations such as trouble executing trades and technical issues do spring up once in a while. And during this period, traders need all the assistance they can get.

Because what’s the need for a broker who wouldn’t offer support when needed?

Genesis11 is always available for its clients. This broker has a team of more than 80 professionals knowledgeable in managing portfolios and financial investment. These professionals are always accessible to solve various questions and needs of customers.

Customers can get through to support agents five days a week, 24 hours a day via phone calls and emails to log any complaints or requests.

 Final Thoughts

All has been said about Genesis11 but the decision whether or not to choose the broker is still yours to make. It is without a doubt that Genesis11 is an incredible trading platform considering the many features and services it offers.

Its clients-based orientation is something many trading platforms out there lack. Genesis11 makes the needs of each one of its clients as its priority, and that is why each feature and services provided by Genesis11 are tailored to meet clients’ needs.

So if you’re looking for a trading platform that will give you the trading support you want Genesis11 is your best bet.