Gaming Giant Sega Plans To Integrate NFTs And Cloud Technology

Sega, a giant in the Japanese gaming industry, pursues incorporating NFTs as well as cloud technology as included in its unique project named Super Game to interlink diverse games. An unpredictable backlash has been posed by the crypto-skeptic people within the gaming community over the respective news, and several expressed their frustrations this week.

The endeavor of Super Game is scheduled to be launched during the coming five years and a reported development of a broad series of latest cross-venue games. The company is reported to make an investment of nearly $800M to be allocated for the respective project. The proposal of likely cloud and NFT support was declared in an interview regarding the recruitment website of Sega Japan.

Formerly this week, Video Games Chronicle (an outlet for gaming news) presented a translation to be understood by English speakers. In the interview, Masayoshi Kikuchi (the producer of Sega) mentioned that a continuous evolution with time is occurring in the gaming industry with the incorporation of the latest technology and cultural forms like social media, such as watching and streaming the gameplay of the others through venues like Twitch and YouTube have been gaining a lot of fame in the past few years.

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It was further proposed by Kikuchi that a step into NFTs and cloud tech would thus be necessary. It noted that this count to be a natural extension that would be convenient in gaming’s future along with taking account of unique topics like NFTs and cloud mining. They are additionally manufacturing SuperGame according to the perspective of interconnecting several games.

A few of the Sega fans turned to Twitter to express their frustrations. A consumer called NotEdgyYet warned Sega from taking the respective step and asserted that it was doing well already, without any requirement for doing some further action. Another user named matthewwhenzel revealed that this has been stated earlier and the respective client is firm at the very standpoint.

This backlash appeared to be more responsive as compared with the rest of the events where the prominent gaming companies declared NFT strategies as these remarks were from the execs from Sega Japan rather than the U.S. subdivision. On Reddit, the r/gaming community’s participants additionally raised questions regarding the likely NFT integrations. Radingod123 suggested that the NFTs’ concept is liked by the gaming platforms because of the elements dealing with pyramid schemes.