Fxp360 Review, fxp360.com – Is Fxp360 Scam or Legit Broker?

Fxp360 Review


Read our Fxp360 review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. Fxp360.com is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

Fxp360 Review

FXP360 logoFxp360 provides an online trading platform to traders in all parts of the world via its wide range of services and features.

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Traders can utilize the technical tools and indicators provided by the platform to draw a better analysis of the market conditions and make logical reasons for minimizing the risks and hurdles in trading.

A comprehensive Fxp360 reviews is given below that might help the traders understand the features and services of the broker and consider the broker before finalizing any trading platform.

FXP360 homepage

Reliability and Security

Fxp360 broker is considered among the most trustworthy brokers in the financial industry. The broker still stands alone in the queue, providing financial services and one-of-a-kind entities.

The broker ensures transparent trading, high liquidity, and professional execution of trades for its customers.

Fxp 360 broker is regulated by top-notch regulatory authorities that keep a constant check on the activities of the broker and make sure that the assets and funds of customers are protected.

Account Types and Their Characteristics

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The broker provides multiple account types to its customers. For traders who want to test the broker’s reliability and understand its functionalities and services, a demo account is offered by Fxp360.com.

Moreover, opening an account with the broker is very simple; the customers have to follow the easy steps mentioned by the broker and start trading.

The minimum deposit demanded by the broker depends on the trading volume of the account one chooses.

Competitive Spreads

Fxp360 offers competitive and tight spreads to traders on all kinds of accounts. Spreads help the broker to keep their business running, providing them the profit through a difference in the buying and selling price of an asset.

The spreads offered by the broker may vary with the type of asset chosen. Moreover, Fxp360 also provides variable order types on different trading instruments.

FXP360 website

Professional Training Team

Fxp360.com warmly welcomes its customers and guides them thoroughly regarding the concepts and techniques involved in trading.

The broker also allows the customers to copy a trade using the advice of experts and professionals and follow in their footsteps to earn a good profit in trading.

In addition, they can also apply their strategies and personal analysis during the trade if required.

Fund Protection

Fxp360 makes sure that it protects the funds of its customers in the best possible manner. For this purpose, the broker applies multiple security measures to the transaction procedure and accounts of the customers.

Anyone who wants to withdraw or deposit funds in the account must prove his identity before accessing the funds.

Multiple Trading Platforms

Fxp360 is integrated with several reliable trading platforms that help in the efficient execution of the trade.

These trading platforms also offer their customers a range of techniques and tools, facilitating them to comprehend market situations accurately.

Moreover, these trading platforms also provide ease of trading at any time around any financial market.

Negative Balance Protection

One major advantage of Fxp360.com is that it attracts customers to the broker. It provides a negative balance protection to its customers if the firm experiences insolvency. Moreover, the broker also offers deposit protection to its customers.

These protective measures ensure that traders do not lose an amount below their minimum deposit. In the competitive market, extra security features add to the reputation of a broker.

Trader Experience

Several trading platforms are available in the market that provides their services in competition with others.

A number of traders in the market believe that carrying out trade with Fxp360 provided them easy access to the broker’s trading tools and financial services.

Moreover, the broker team was cooperative, guiding and training them in a way that helped them tackle the majority of the hurdles in crypto trading.


Fxp360 has gained a popular place in the financial market, maintaining its reputation through an impressive collection of assets and services for customers.

Moreover, the broker provides competitive trading opportunities in a secure and safe environment.