FXCC Review – Why You Should Consider Signing Up With This Broker

FXCC Review


Read our FXCC review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. FXCC is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

FXCC Review

FXCC logoFXCC is an online brokerage platform suitable for traders who want a user-friendly and advanced trading platform. The broker is offering a mixture of pretty good services and features. In this FXCC review, I will tell you about the features, tools and services being provided by this broker.

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A couple of decades ago, computers were very rare and we didn’t expect that they will become so helpful for humans. But the computer, hands in hands with the internet, progressed rapidly and showed us amazing technological advancement. Before this advancement, traders had to travel a lot to sell and purchase products. Travelling itself was not easy those days and frequent travelling exhausted traders. But the situation and dynamics changed after the entry of the internet. It connected everything like a bond and soon the world became a global village. Traders who had to leave their cities for trading are now easily managing their business by sitting in their homes.

Previously, trading inside a large country was difficult but now cross-border trades have also become easier. It is because, with the help of the internet, the need for physical presence is removed for both the seller and buyer. This change has made the lives of traders much simple and convenient. And the best thing is that there is no restriction on anyone to trade in the online market. If a trader wishes to inject his capital into this market to earn a profit, he can do it whenever he wants without taking approval from anyone. He just needs to register with a broker and keep going.

Now, you will be thinking is it necessary to collaborate with a brokerage platform? The answer is that it is the only possible way to invest your money in this market, this is how it works. This market is only accessible through trading platforms. Traders cannot trade independently in this market which is why you should choose a trading platform first. There are various kinds of trading platforms available in this market but I would recommend you to trade through a broker. You may disagree with me at first but let me tell you why you should go for a broker. The trading platforms and exchanges are only providing a place to sell and purchase assets. This option is maybe usable for traders who have considerable trading experience but for new traders, this option is not practical.

FXCC website

New traders might have some knowledge of the trading market but they surely don’t possess any experience. This is why I am recommending a broker because a broker not only provides a trading space but also provides proper support. Let’s stop for a while and think that you are a newcomer in the market. You will not be sure in which asset you should invest and having multiple options in front of you, you will get confused. This is a common reason behind the bankruptcy of a majority of beginner traders because they think they are capable of doing it without any help. But when a broker is on your side, he will never let this happen to you in any possible scenario.

After removing this confusion, I am going to bring your attention to another important precaution. You should be very cautious about the broker you sign up with. The consequences of registering with a fake brokerage platform are very damaging. You should keep the following points in mind while selecting a broker for yourself. There are thousands of brokerage platforms available for you out there. Some of them are not good but many of them are very impressive. Bad and bogus brokers are manipulative and try to exploit the traders therefore you should avoid them. This is why you should study them and do proper research before finalizing a broker. The second most important thing is that a broker may be genuine but he may not be offering the features which you specifically want.

Every trader offers a different set of tools and features which may be ideal for one trader but distasteful for another. So you need to examine the services provided by a trader before signing up with it so that you don’t need to regret it later. Suppose that you are a fresh trader and still in the learning phase of your career. You mistakenly register with a brokerage that is designed in a way to match the requirements of professional traders. Then how will you improve yourself to keep up with its pace? This is the reason why you should consider your requirements rather than compromising with famous brokers even when they are not providing the services you want.

The question here is that how can you know if a broker is genuine or fake? For this purpose, you need to thoroughly research it before signing up. It might seem easy at first to analyze a broker but believe me, it is not. Different people give different types of opinions about one particular broker which makes it more difficult to verify. To make things easier for you, I have researched a broker named FXCC and found it very impressive. I have tested its features and now I am going to share them with you so that this step becomes easy for you.

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Convenient Trading Platform

When a trader starts working with a broker, the first thing he uses is the trading platform of the broker. A trading platform is a software provided by the broker that can be used to manage trades and accounts. This is an important feature because traders have to use this daily for many hours. If they are not satisfied with it then their trading experience will not be good. The interface of the brokerage platform stays in front of traders all the time. FXCC has designed an appealing trading platform that welcomes every trader daily. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is so unique and eye-catching that it pleasures the eyes and brain. The mixture of solid colours looks cool which is why you will not get bored of it. Unlike other brokerage platforms that look outdated, this platform gives a new experience every time.

Not just the looks but the usability of FXCC is also satisfactory. You will be surprised to see how well the platform has been designed. The platform’s design makes it suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders. It will fulfil your requirements if you want advanced tools and complex techniques or only the basics. It is because FXCC has designed the platform by keeping in view the requirements of both types of traders. It has resulted in a platform that is simple and convenient for every trader. And those who want to avail advanced tools and features can also use them according to their likes. Nothing is unorganized on this platform and you will find everything just a few clicks away.

The online trading market, especially if you are trading cryptocurrencies, is volatile in nature. It means that the prices may be something in the morning and different till noon. Hundreds of opportunities come and go away on the same day. It means to avail of those opportunities traders need to remain available most of the time. When you will talk t experienced traders, they will tell you that the key to success apart from being a good broker is to remain available 24/7. Those who don’t remain available miss out on hundreds of life-changing opportunities. For this purpose, FXCC is offering compatible trading platforms which can be accessed from remote locations.

Currently, FXCC is offering three types of trading platforms. The first type offered by FXCC is the Web-Trader. This is a web-based trading platform that doesn’t require any software package to be installed. You just need to open its website, log in by using your credentials and start trading. The second type of platform offered by FXCC is the Mobile-Trader. This is a very useful platform for those traders who travel frequently. It gives all the features of web-trader on mobile phones. With this portable trading platform, you would not miss anything whether you are sitting at home or travelling. One more trading platform is also available for its traders. It is called as Meta Trader 4 platform. This is a high-performance trading platform and it can only be used on good computers or laptops.

FXCC trading platform

Safety Features At FXCC

Security is not just a requirement but a fundamental right of every trader. Brokers ask for personal information at the time of registration. When they take this information, its protection also becomes their responsibility. But if the information gets lost, then no broker can make up for it. So the traders should be careful themselves in the first place because prevention is better than cure. They should not hand over their money or information to anyone without research.

Unfortunately, the majority of brokers are not giving due importance to security. Due to this negligence, the scams related to the online market have started increasing. But FXCC has not shown any kind of negligence in this regard and has taken all the required and mandatory steps to ensure the safety of its traders.

The first step FXCC has taken for the security of traders is the use of encryption technology. With this technology, all the information of traders is converted into codes so that no one could read it even if they manage to steal it. This has been done in the wake of recent cases where hackers had targeted brokers which were not using security measures. By using this method FXCC has stopped the trouble mongers from targeting its traders. Encryption keeps sensitive data under multiple security codes or passwords. These codes are generated randomly which means that they cannot be guessed. The encryption is so safe and strong that only authorized personnel of the staff of brokers can access traders’ data.

The second step which FXCC has taken for the same reason is the use of security policies. These policies are introduced to eliminate the possibility of illegal activities. These policies are named KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). KYC policy requires traders to prove their identity before registering with the platform. To prove identity they are asked to submit pictures of identity cards. This is done so that no criminal can register with the platform.

The second policy known as AML is used to stop illegal activities such as money laundering and terror funding. With the help of this policy, criminals cannot use this platform to launder black money. FXCC keeps an eye on every account and the transactions being made through them. When all these features are combined, they give satisfaction and ease of mind to the traders.

Trading Instruments

The trading preferences of every trader are different from each other. One may like to invest in stocks while the other may be interested in cryptocurrencies. And if two traders are trading the same asset, then their strategies may be different as well. If a broker is offering only one trading instrument, then its traders will become bound to trade that particular option. For trading any other asset, they will have to register with any other broker that will require you more investment. This is why you should make sure before registration whether the broker is offering you favourite trading instruments or not.

FXCC is offering its services in various trading markets. All these markets have a lot of potential for traders. Following is the list of trading instruments being offered by FXCC.

Stocks: If you are an experienced trader or at least have a strong knowledge of online trading then you would know that the stock market has been an old trading instrument being used for many centuries. Most of the traders necessarily invest some of their funds in this market. In this market, traders purchase shares of big companies like Tesla and Amazon and when the company makes a profit, traders also receive their share. In this way, traders become partial owners of the company they invest in.

Commodities: It is also an old but safe trading instrument. It is further classified into two categories, soft commodities and hard commodities. Food items such as wheat, rice, sugar, grains, etc. fall under the soft commodities badge. Hard commodities include hard items mostly metals such as iron, silver and gold. This trading asset is also very profitable. FXCC is a very suitable place for trading commodities because here you can trade many of them.

Cryptocurrencies: Unlike the above-mentioned trading instruments, cryptocurrency is a new trading instrument. It is a volatile but highly profitable trading instrument and it has made people millionaires in a very short time. At FXCC you can trade many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Polkadot.

The best thing about FXCC is that it offers CDFs as well. It means that it provides leverage on trades. This feature allows traders to purchase an asset with a small investment and the rest of the required money is paid by the platform. The profit earned through this method is later divided according to the percentage. If you are interested in CFD trading then FXCC is one of the best choices.

Trading Accounts

Like trading instruments, FXCC provides multiple options when it comes to trading accounts. A higher number of trading accounts mean that it can accommodate various types of traders such as beginners, professionals and experts. Apart from the demo and live accounts, there are three types of accounts offered by FXCC. These accounts are named Standard, Premium and VIP accounts. Now I will tell you about the features of these accounts in detail.

Standard Account: Standard account is offered for those traders who have no or minimum trading experience. Most beginners prefer this account type because it requires a less initial deposit. This account provides all the basic features and tools. A leverage of 1:30 is provided to this account holder. The minimum lot size for this account is 0.1. A dedicated account manager remains at service 24/5.

Premium Account: The premium account is mostly liked by professional traders. The initial deposit limit in this account is higher than the Standard account. The features in this account are also advanced and higher in number. Leverage is not fixed in this account and is provided according to the ability of traders. The minimum lot size is reduced to 0.01 and no commission is charged.

VIP Account: This account is created for sophisticated elite class traders. The minimum investment required for this account is higher than the premium account. These account holders get access to every feature of this brokerage platform. Price change alerts and predictions are directly notified to the owners. Account managers keep a close eye on the movement and keep updating the owner as well.


I have shared the features of this marvellous broker with you. But these are not all of it, there are many other features as well. In the end, I would recommend you to sign up with this broker because it is a complete broker. You will not find any other broker better than this one.