Les éclats de l’avocat d’XRP, attaques contre la SEC

The latest update coming from the ongoing case between XRP and SEC said Registration the attorney had claimed that there was no such document as a Registration From on the SEC webpage for cryptocurrency firms. 

According to Jeremy Hogan, an attorney with Partner at Hogan & Hogan descended subtlety on SEC after Gary Gensler made a statement that cryptocurrency companies can easily apply through a Registration Form that can be found on the commission’s website.

He further described the process as “easy,” a narrative that the XRP attorney didn’t take lightly. Attorney Jeremy, while responding to Gary’s claims said that he has been searching for the so-called Resignation From for days since after the comment.

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According to Gary’s claims, this form can help Crypto companies sign up with the security regulator. News has it that Hogan, who charges cryptocurrency companies $500 p/h will automatically be taken out of business once this firm is found. Jeremy also went ahead to criticize SEC’s recent clampdown on major cryptocurrency companies like Kraken and others like it. 

Hogan Explains Steps for Registering with SEC

Hogan, in a 7 seconds snippet shared on their social media platform shows where major cryptocurrency companies, especially Kraken can register with the regulators. 


The SEC chief also followed up to advise these companies on how they can register with the authorities. One of the major steps mentioned there is filling out the appropriate form from the SEC online platform. 

The chief also went ahead to urge cryptocurrency companies to have a mutual agreement with some officials of the SEC whose job is to review daily applications. 


Meanwhile, Gray, while trying to explain how the whole process works advised interested prospects to go ahead with the process. He also went further to add that they will consult their experts to review the complaints made by Attorney Jeremy. 

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Analysts, why discussing the issue said that Hogan was a bit subtle in their tweet about SEC. They believe that the statement urging crypto companies to fill out a non-existent form on their website was a bit embarrassing.

Meanwhile, major crypto companies that were affected by the crackdown by SEC are still looking for the best legitimate way to bounce back. A typical example of this is Kraken which was reported to have agreed to pay $30M in fines for providing unsecured security.