Football Club Liverpool FC Enters the World Of NFTs

According to an official announcement, majorly famous English football club, Liverpool is now joining the NFT space by creating an alliance with Sotheby’s Metaverse.

Massively popular English football club Liverpool announced that they will be joining the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) very soon, revealing a unique set of NFT collectibles in their alliance with the Sotheby Metaverse, providing fans with a completely new way of engaging with the football club.

The Collection

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As for the information regarding the NFT collection, it was shared that the new digital art collection would feature images of every player in the team, as the club stated that this will be a unique way to enjoy staying loyal to the club from anywhere in the world. The unique collection will also include a set of 24 legendary rarity art for all players, which will be distributed in an auction event, scheduled on the 30th of March.

As for the remaining NFTs, a spokesperson from Liverpool stated that they will be available with an introductory price of $75, which is much more affordable to fans around the world, who will be looking to acquire them, increasing the range of buyers worldwide.

Sotheby’s History and Records

Talking about Sotheby’s, this vintage auction space has been expanding its reach towards the Web3 ecosystem. According to reports, Sotheby’s had managed to record more than $100Million worth of NFT sales last year and is now hoping to improve that performance metric, by introducing more partnerships this year. With this new partnership with Liverpool and other popular entities, the house intends to boost their sales to unimaginable levels, while also promoting the development of the Web3 ecosystem.

MD of Sotheby’s, Sebastian Fahey stated an interview that preciously, the house was interested in crypto-native digital art, but now it wants to dive into other fields such as sports, entertainment and fashion in the coming times, increasing its reach towards more partnerships with popular figures and entities.

Past Drama

The House also faced some drama last year, host to the ConsitutionDAO auction that happened in the end of last with the latest being the sale of around more than a hundred CryptoPunks that was taken out just a few minutes before the bidding phase started, last month.