eXcentral Review: Is It A Trustworthy Choice?

eXcentral Review


Read our eXcentral review and learn why we recommend eXcentral for online trading. This trading platform is managed by a trustworthy brokerage firm which has thousands of active traders from around the globe.

As a new trader, you will have to undergo the task of finding the perfect brokerage firm to sign up with. It is very important to choose a broker that is right for you, because the quality of your online trading experience heavily relies on the trading firm. This task can be difficult, because there are a lot of different options on the internet. If you do manage to find a trading firm that meets your requirements, you need to properly investigate it. This is because often when a broker seems to be good, it is a scam in disguise. In this eXcentral review, I will talk about the features that you can look into to identify whether a firm is trustworthy or not.

eXcentral is a brokerage firm that I can recommend to anyone without hesitation. This is because my experience of trading with it has shown the positive aspects of this firm. If you are interested in finding out about how you can identify a good broker, while also finding out about eXcentral, then you should keep on reading this article.

Best Features of eXcentral

Advanced Trading Platform

Traders get the privilege of trading with the eXcentral MT4 trading platform, which is among the best trading platform solutions. The MetaTrader4 is equipped with amazing trading tools that allow traders to make investments with high-profit probabilities. In addition to the amazing eXcentral MT5 platform, users can also trade with the eXcentral trader, which is the name of its web trader platform. The web trader is easy to access, because you just have to visit the website of the broker, to access your trading account. On the other hand, you need to download the eXcentral MT4 software on your desktops to use it. If you are someone who enjoys making investment decisions, or catching up with the market trends while on the go, then you can even download the platform on your smartphone.

Traders of any level, beginners or experts, will not have any difficulty in getting used to the functions of the platform. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows traders to seamlessly navigate through the platform. Features, such as trading tools and signals and super-fast trade execution are all common in the varieties of trading platforms.

Impressive Assets List

EXcentral provides users with a wide asset index. With over 500 different assets the brokerage firm allows traders to invest in forex, indices, commodities, shares, and cryptocurrencies. You will not have to look for a new trading firm, if you want to invest in different types of assets, because eXcentral already provides a wide index. Traders can use this range and benefit from the numerous investment options that they will get. Traders can also create a diverse trade portfolio by investing in different assets that eXcentral supports. The impressive list of assets that eXcentral provides is among the reasons that make it such a good choice.

Accommodating Account Choices

When you sign up with eXcentral, you have the option of choosing from five different account types. These account types are Classic, Silver, Gold, and VIP. You may think that these options are far less than what the other firms offer. But let me tell you the difference between firms that provide a wide range of accounts, versus the four accounts that eXcentral offers. Firms that provide a lot of options often use the tactic of not providing enough features to lower-tier accounts. This forces traders to upgrade their accounts and pay more money to the broker.

The accounts that eXcentral provides, are equipped with the features and facilities that traders need at a particular level. So, the basic account has all the options that a new trader will need to trade effectively. You will only have to upgrade your account, when you think you have enough experience and are ready for more challenges.

Security Protocols

EXcentral has strong security protocols protecting its systems. These protocols ensure that the database of the trading firm is secure against all cyber attacks from hackers. It is important to sign up with a firm that has proper security protocols because hackers target brokers frequently. The database of the trading firm contains a lot of sensitive information about the client as well as their funds which the hackers want to get their hands on. You don’t have to worry about your security when you sign up with eXcentral because of the layered security protocols it has implemented.

Easily accessible from mobile devices.

EXcentral provides a completely secure trading environment to its clients. This allows traders to invest in assets peacefully without any looming fears.


Regulations determine whether a trading firm should be trusted or not. Yes, this is how important regulations are. You can easily tell whether a brokerage firm is legit, or a scam by taking a look at the regulatory status of the firm. Bear in mind that sometimes scammers are able to generate fake regulatory licenses. So, you should always confirm the identity of the regulatory company before deciding to trust a firm.

EXcentral is a regulated and licensed firm which is proof that it is a trustworthy recommendation. Regulations make sure that the broker is not doing any illegal activities such as money laundering or leaking out customer information. This is because, under the requirements of the regulations of trade, the brokerage firm has to be compliant with the KYC and AML policies. These policies play the main role in ensuring that your information, as well as your funds, are safe.

Final Thoughts

In this eXcentral review, I have talked about the features that you need to look into to determine if a broker should be trusted. In addition, I talked about the features of eXcentral that make it a worthwhile choice. The trading firm offers excellent customer support services which make the discussed features more accessible to users.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy solution to your online trading troubles, then I suggest that you check out eXcentral. I am sure that you will not find anything lacking in the quality of trading experience that you get with eXcentral.