EverMoon Unleashes Easy Token Purchase via Fiat Gateway in Collaboration with Flooz XYZ

Key Insights:

  • EverMoon and Flooz XYZ join forces, offering an easy fiat-to-crypto gateway for purchasing EVERMOON tokens directly.
  • A user-centric approach guides EverMoon users in a three-step token purchase process using ETH as an intermediary.
  • EverMoon impacts market dynamics by burning over 12% of the EVERMOON supply, hinting at a promising future.

EverMoon, a pioneering blockchain-based decentralized platform, recently declared a significant partnership with Flooz XYZ, a renowned Web3 infrastructure. The joint venture manifests an intriguing development for the cryptocurrency realm. It allows enthusiasts to purchase EverMoon’s native token, the EVERMOON, using traditional fiat currencies directly through the platform’s website. The facilitation comes courtesy of the groundbreaking integration with Moonpay.

Seamless Purchasing Experience with Broad Currency Acceptance

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This new feature unfolds a multitude of currency acceptance, enabling users to acquire EVERMOON’s native token using an extensive range of local fiat currencies. This selection includes the likes of the Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Nigerian Naira, Philippine Peso, and US Dollar.

The EverMoon website interface has received a noticeable facelift with the freshly incorporated feature. It now prominently showcases the option to purchase EVERMOON through fiat, card payments, and many other supported payment methods. This extensive payment facilitation results from leveraging Flooz’s state-of-the-art infrastructure. Consequently, EverMoon transactions can now occur via various mediums, including debit or credit cards, bank transfers, Apple and Google Pay, and mobile money services like MTN and Vodafone Cash.

To enhance user experience, EverMoon offers a detailed guide that presents a clear and simple three-step process for purchasing EVERMOON tokens. This user-friendly journey commences by obtaining Ethereum’s native token, ETH, which acts as an intermediary currency. Once users have acquired ETH and stored it in their wallet, they will receive an email notification. The concluding step instructs users to proceed to Flooz, where they can exchange their ETH for EVERMOON tokens.

Impacting Market Dynamics: EverMoon Token Burn

In other exciting news from EverMoon, many tokens were reported to have been burned. The EverMoon team extinguished over $500,000 worth of tokens on the same day of the announcement. Moreover, an additional 3,000,000 tokens were burned in a single day, permanently eradicating 12.20% of the total supply of 122,047,891.81 EVERMOON tokens.

DEXTools, a reliable DeFi market data provider, reported the current trading price of EVERMOON at $0.00344, with a 24-hour trading volume of approximately $163,030. The circulating supply stands at 877,952,108.19 EVERMOON tokens, giving the platform a market capitalization of $3.02 million.

The combination of this new fiat gateway and token-burning procedure suggests a promising future for EVERMOON, marking a milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology and crypto transactions.