Elcomercio24 Review – Everything to Know about This Broker (Elcomercio24 Scam Check)

Elcomercio24 Review


At Elcomercio24 you can dip your toes into the stock market and buy and sell shares of companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. There are also cryptocurrencies and forex currency pairs, including major pairs and minor pairs, which can also be traded, such as BTC/USD, LTC/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CHF. You will also find 24/7 customer support available via numerous channels and a full-fledged education center.

Elcomercio24 Review

Elcomercio24 logoReady to start trading? The financial markets are brimming with opportunities and people are eager to take advantage of these because of the potential of profits associated with them.

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Over the years, the number of trading instruments has increased significantly and there are options available for all kinds of traders, whether they have a high risk tolerance or a low risk appetite. Thanks to online trading, it has become easier than ever for people to try out their luck in the markets and they can enjoy a great deal of flexibility. However, you have to remember that most of your experience will depend on the broker you decide to use for your trading needs.

There are more than a hundred different brokers that you will be able to find in the market and every single one of them will claim to offer you top-notch services. After all, no business is going to advertise their flaws or highlight any of their shortcomings, if any. While this does mean that you have choices available, the problem is that it can create a great deal of confusion as well because people don’t know what to look for in order to choose a company. The key is to take a look at everything they have to offer because this will make it easier for you to figure out if they can fulfill your needs.

Elcomercio24 website

One of the options that you will come across in your search is Elcomercio24, which was recently founded by 8 DOTS LTD, based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The company has quickly developed a positive reputation in the market for their trading services, but you need to know everything about them before deciding what to do. Some of the things to know about Elcomercio24 are:

Trading Instruments

When you have decided to learn all there is to know about Elcomercio24, the first place to start is with the trading instruments they provide. Knowing what options are available is a must because you need to know whether they allow you to diversify your investment and if they have the particular instruments you may be interested in. The good news is that they have added plenty of variety to help you in spreading out your capital in order to minimize the risks. You can trade some of the world’s top indices, such as S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100. There are forex currency pairs, including major pairs and minor pairs, which can also be traded, such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CHF.

At Elcomercio24, you can also dip your toes into the stock market and buy and sell shares of companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Commodities are another option that you can easily explore and there are soft commodities, such as wheat, corn, rice and sugar, and hard ones like gold, silver, copper and platinum. Most importantly, they have kept up with the trends and have added the leading cryptocurrencies to their asset offerings as well, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.


After you have ascertained what assets and instruments are provided by Elcomercio24, it is now time for you to take a look at how you can register with the platform. The good news is that the registration process is quite straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of effort from you. There is only a single form that you have to complete for opening an account and it asks for basic information. You have to enter your first and last name, an email address and password, time zone, country of residence, phone number and then choose an account currency.

After you have entered these details, Elcomercio24 also requires you to accept the Terms & Conditions they have mentioned on their website. These are related to their policies and steps, and you can go over them once before making up your mind. Lastly, you should confirm that you are 18 or above and have provided all authentic information to the company. Your registration process will be finished here and you can move onto choosing an account option.

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Account Choices

Opening an account is part of the trading process and every brokerage offers several account choices to their clients, especially if they accommodate traders from different backgrounds. Elcomercio24 has introduced four account choices on their platform to facilitate their clients, each of which come with varying deposit requirements and features. The choices that you will find are:

Silver Account: The first account you will find is called Silver and the minimum deposit needed for it is €500. This account comes with 1 on 1 basic training, an unlimited trading dashboard, 24/7 customer support and a basic education center. The maximum amount that can be deposited in this account is €1,999.

Gold Account: The second account option that Elcomercio24 offers its clients is known as Gold and this one carries a minimum deposit of €2,000, while the maximum deposit that can be made is €9,999. Along with features of the Silver account, this one comes with a personal account manager and limited trading signals are also provided.

Diamond Account: The third account that has been developed is called Diamond and it carries a minimum deposit requirement of €10,000. Full education center is now available under this account, along with full trading signals. The maximum amount to be deposited is €49,999.

VIP Account: The last account option that you will come across on the Elcomercio24 platform is called VIP and traders have to deposit at least €50,000 for it. There is no limit on the maximum amount that can be invested via this account. It also adds one-on-one training by a professional trader, which can come in handy.

Is Elcomercio24 a Scam?

NO! Elcomercio24 is a legit and trustworthy broker that you can register with and use for all of your trading needs. It is a registered broker with complete transparency.

You will also find 24/7 customer support available via numerous channels, a full-fledged education center, a desktop and mobile trading platform for traders, as well as robust and strong security measures applicable. The trading conditions are also excellent and some of the most advanced trading tools have also been added by Elcomercio24 for a well-rounded trading experience for everyone.