Is Eiro-group Scam or Legit? A Broker Experience – Eiro-group Review

Eiro-Group Review


Want to start trading? Eiro-group is a solid and trustworthy online trading platform for online traders! Read our following review to learn all you need to know about the Eiro-group trading brokerage. Review you become the trader that you have always dreamed about? I can tell you that thinking about things is quite easy, but actions are not that easy. When I was a new trader, I thought I would pick a great broker and start trading to make money. I thought I would enter trades after proper care and make profits on just about every trade. However, it is not that easy. More importantly, you can’t just assume that you will sign up with the perfect trading services provider on day one of your trading career. In fact, I have to tell you here that my first experience was only a “learning” experience.

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I signed up with a firm that was not supposed to be helping me in any way. The company was all about making money from me in more ways than I could have thought. If I wanted to enter a trade, I had to pay a commission. If I was ready to make a deposit in my account, I had to give a fee or commission to the company. I can’t think of an action that I could have taken without paying something to the firm. That’s when I quit and started looking for a new option. I found Eiro-group after some months of research. Trust me when I tell you, I have not looked back since then.

Today, I am writing this review to help you know what my experience has been like with Eiro-group. I am sure that you are going to enjoy reading this review because it will help you get a clear idea of what your experience will be like. There is no doubt that you can say something only when you have tried this company personally. So, here goes.

Broker Eiro-group
Trading Type CFD
Available Assets Commodities, Currencies, Stocks, Indices
Trading Platform Web Based
Trading Accounts Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Millioner
Loyalty Bonus Yes
Insurance Yes
Customer Support 24/5
Contact Method Email, Phone, Callback
Information Protection Yes (Encryption)
AML and KYC Policies Yes

Eiro-group trading platform

Help from Professionals

The first thing I admire about this company is that it understands your struggles as a new trader. When you start trading, you need help on any every step. You can’t really make any move without being scared about it. You don’t know how to evaluate your trading decisions and you surely don’t know whether you will be successful or not. However, when you have the help of a professional with you, there are things you can do to profit on every trade. That’s where this company stands out from the crowd by providing you with help from the professionals.

You will be surprised to know that there are professionals who can help you with all the advice that you need before trading. Here is something even more interesting. You don’t even have to think about the type of account you have with the company before you take advantage of this service. You might think that you can only get it when you have an expensive account, but that’s wrong. The advice from professional and experienced advisors is there for you no matter which account you sign up with. In other words, you can lay the foundation of trading successfully from day one.

Trading Platform on the Web

You might think that you can trade on just about any trading platform that you get from the company you have signed up with. I have to remind you that you can’t just ride any car. If you are going on a long journey, you would want to be in a car that’s comfortable first and then provides you with other facilities. In a similar way, you have to choose your trading platform before you can start trading and putting your money on the line with the trading services provider. So, you have to choose from either the limited trading platforms or those that give you all the freedom.

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The mobile trading platform is the one that you can carry with you on your phone wherever you go. However, if you are thinking about trading on your computer at home, you will have to download this software again. The bigger problem is that it will look completely different from what you are used to using on your mobile phone. This can cause a lot of disruption in your trading experience. However, you will not have to encounter that problem when you are with Eiro-group. This company makes sure that you get a trading platform you can use anywhere you go and on any operating system you wish to use it on.

This trading platform is in the web, which means you will never have to go through the hassle of downloading it on any device. In addition to that, since you don’t install it, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility issues either. You will always run into compatibility issues when you go with downloadable softwares. The different screen sizes can also be an issue when it comes to the trading platform. However, you can leave all these worries behind with an online or web-based trading platform, which is what you are getting from Eiro-group.

Encrypted Information and Data

Is your data important to you? Do you think you can end up with a lot of harm if someone steals your information from the servers of the company that you have chosen for trading? Yes, these are some valid fears and you can never ignore them. It does not matter which trading partner you sign up with, if you are going with the right option, you will have to provide your personal details on the website. You will also have to provide your banking details to the broker and that’s when things become even trickier. You want all of this information to be under a cloak so no intruders and invaders can access it.

That’s where your trading partner can either help you or leave you in the lurch. If you have picked the right company, all the information that you provide on the website will be encrypted. The company will have proper SSL certificates on the website. You might even see a mention of this particular feature on the website. Are you getting these features from Eiro-group. The simplest answer to this question is yes.

Trade in Many Financial Markets

Trade in Many Financial MarketsIf you talk to any specialist in the industry, they will tell you that it is important for you to diversify your investments. This is a concept that many new traders become familiar with later in their trading years. However, I am telling you right now that you don’t want to put all your eggs in the same basket when it comes to investing your money. So, the problem here is that you can end up with a broker that does not provide you with enough options. Now, if you don’t have enough options, how can you trade many assets? That’s a genuine problem but you have to find the right option that solves it.

Here, I can tell you that you will not have this problem when you are with Eiro-group. The broker has made sure that you have enough financial markets and assets in your portfolio that you can call yourself a professional trader. If you are into trading commodities, you will find energies, soft commodities, and some of the most valuable metals in the world when you sign up with Eiro-group. You are not limited to that market. In fact, you can also trade some great currency pairs. Stocks and indices are there for you to trade the shares of the biggest companies of the world from many financial markets.

Trading Signals and SMS Alerts

Trading signals and alerts are more important for you than you might think. When you sign up and start trading on the internet, you have to make sure that you know about your trades as much as possible. There are certain tools and indicators that can help you trade successfully. Well, they can’t really guarantee that you will trade successfully but they can definitely help you increase your chances of trading with success. These tools are usually quite difficult to access when you sign up with other brokers. I can tell you that because I have been with such companies many times. They charge you extra money to give you access to these tools.

However, I never faced this problem when I decided to be with Eiro-group. With this company, I can tell you that I have had access to price alerts and trading signals from day one. I was signed up with only a basic account when I thought I could not have benefitted from these features. However, I was quite wrong in my assessment of this particular firm. They provide you with access to both these amazing features. You get price alerts as soon as they are of your interest. In addition to that, you get trading signals that help you decide whether you should buy a particular asset or sell it.

Insured Trades

Insurance is an important concept in trading, but I can tell you that most traders are not even aware of it. They think that they just have to sign up with a company and start trading. They rarely think about saving their investments. How can you make your investments safe when you sign up with an online brokerage firm? Well, the first thing you can do is look for insured trades. Is there something that you can call insured trades? Of course, in fact, you will be surprised to know that you are getting this particular feature from Eiro-group. That’s something I could not have expected from this company.

Based on my experience, such features are offered by only the best companies out there. I never thought I was signing up with one of the best before I discovered this particular option. You have insurance available to you based on your account. The type of account you pick decides how much money you can save on your trades. You don’t really get that particular flexibility with other companies in the world. When you trade with them, you take responsibility of your trades. If you lose the trade, you lose money. There is no other way out for you. However, things can be different when you are trading with Eiro-group.

This brokerage firm has made sure that you can get something out of every trade. When you sign up with the right account, you can have up to 100% of your trading amount insured. This means you can be trading in the financial markets without any fears of losing money even if you lose the trade.

Bonuses and Perks For New tTraders

Are there any bonuses and perks that you can enjoy when you sign up with this company? Here, let me explain to you that these are the facilities that you will usually miss in the online trading world. I have seen so many other ecommerce companies coming up with new plans and strategies to attract more customers to their services and products. However, it has always amazed me that online brokers never think about these features and strategies. When you sign up with Eiro-group, you will be met with a surprise in this particular department. You have the company offering you some great bonuses.

At this point, you might think that you are getting a small bonus. However, I will base my judgment on the experience I have had with other companies. They don’t give you any bonus at all. What you are getting from this company is nothing less than a blessing. Sign up with the most basic account, and you will have a bonus of 10%. Sign up with the most advanced account on the list and you will have 100% loyalty bonus in your account. Is there anything better than this deal that you can see on the internet from any other broker?

Convenient Deposits and Withdrawals

Convenient Deposits and WithdrawalsThe first thing that I want to get out of way is that you can deposit funds using the most amazing methods available today. I am calling these methods amazing because not only are they fast but they are quite safe as well. Think about depositing money with your credit card. There was a time when you could not have thought of doing that without worrying about your safety. Today, you have brokers that provide you with proper encryption when you sign up with them. So, in this way, you always know that your information is safe with the company. The bigger problem that you will face with other firms is that they will charge you a lot of money on your deposits.

You will have to pay some huge fees on your deposits and these fees will hurt the profits that you make on your trades. I don’t like this sight, but you have to experience it all if you have signed up with the wrong option on the internet. You can clearly see it on the website of this brokerage that there are no additional fees for you to pay when you deposit funds in your account. Additionally, you can be sure that only the safest methods have been chosen by the broker to help you deposit money in your account. You have the bank wire transfer option if you are someone who cares about security more than speed. If you like speed, I recommend you go with credit and debit cards.

Trading Glossary, Market Review and Other Tools

You need a lot of tools to make sure that you are trading in the right way. You have to use these tools because you don’t want to end up with lost profits. You want to make profits and so you will have to make sure that you understand everything with clarity. How can you do that? Well, you just have to get access to the right type of tools. The tools that you are getting from this company are some of the best that you can use for your trades. First of all, you are getting access to the trading glossary. This trading glossary helps you know every term that you will encounter when you become a trader.

This will help you learn even the most basic and advanced things in trading. Furthermore, you have the market review. This market review helps you know more about the markets before you trade in them. You will know what the trader sentiment is in a particular market. You can then trade with the trend or against the trade or whatever you see fit for your trading style. There are some other great tools on the website that you can use for trading successfully. I am glad that I found a company that provides me with all these tools that you might not have access to if you go with other options.

Customer Services

You have the customer support department ready to help you through a variety of channels. Today, in the world of technology, you want to be able to get in touch with people through the easiest means. Here, I have to mention that some brokers might not offer you this luxury. They will either let you talk to an IVR for several minutes or provide you with no phone number at all. What you are left with is an email address. Yes email addresses are great but only when you receive a response from the company you have signed up with. In addition to that, you need to have a phone number that you can call to get help.

Is there a phone number that you can call when you are with Eiro-group? Let me tell you that there is an email address and a phone number that you can use to get in touch with this company. The best thing is that these contract details are clearly mentioned on the website. This way, you will not have to search on the internet to find the phone number that gives you access to the right people. You cannot believe that the company has made its customer support available to you 24/5. What it means is that you can contact these professionals at any time of the day or night on the five working days of the week.

KYC and AML Policy

The KYC and AML policies are there and this company makes sure that everyone adheres to them. When it comes to the AML policy, you are talking about features that prevent any money launderer from signing up with the company. When the AML policy is in place, the broker makes sure that its trading platform is not used for money laundering. It asks customers to provide their banking details and submit the pictures of their banking cards, statements, etc. In addition to that, the customer really cannot sign up with any account that is not in his/her name.

In the KYC policy, the broker makes sure that it knows as much as possible about its trader to identify it as a unique individual. When you sign up, the company will ask you to submit your identification information. In fact, you will also have to submit the pictures of your identity card. This will prove that you are the person who you are claiming to be. This company has both these policies in place to ensure that its trading platform is a quality platform available to only those who trade fairly and legally.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can notice at this point that there is something about every feature that you must admire. No feature from this broker is something that you would call worthless. It has created a perfect system in which you can trade with confidence and make money on your trades without fearing the risks too much. You get proper help from professionals and advisors on your trading habits and aims. Not to mention, you have the perfect trading platform and other tools that can help you trade successfully once you have signed up with this option. All you are left with now is the willingness to sign up with this broker and the strength of making this decision.