E-Pay Customers to be Given Access to Link Crypto by Line

As per the latest reports, Line, a chat application operator based in Japan has made an announcement for its users. The application has announced that it will be providing its users with access to cryptocurrency assets. The cryptocurrency assets that Line is planning to provide its users are the ones powered by Line itself.

The firm has announced that the cryptocurrency assets will be given out to the customers that are using its e-pay platform for making fiat payments. The cryptocurrency assets will be given out to particular users in the form of bonuses.

It was six months back when a merger was formed between Yahoo Japan and Line. The merger took place under the umbrella of Z Holdings. The line has announced that the promotion for giving away the native tokens to e-pay users is for the merger between Yahoo Japan and Line.

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The first time the idea of a merger for Z Holdings came into being was back in 2019. It was back in the year 2019 when Naver and SoftBank started discussing the possibility of the merger. Naver is prominently known as the founder of Line, which is an internet giant based in South Korea. On the other hand, SoftBank is the majority owner of Yahoo Japan.

Both Naver and SoftBank had joined forces back in 2019 with aim of creating and launching a new cryptocurrency, fintech, and internet powerhouses in East Asia.

Following the formation of the new platform, more mergers are yet set to take place between electronic payment platforms that are already existing. It has been reported that the latest merger to take place is between PayPay and Line Pay.

The Line Pay platform is reportedly supported by Line, whereas, the PayPay platform is run by Yahoo Japan. Yahoo Japan claims that the e-pay platform it runs currently has 80 million active users.

The users of the Line chat application already have access to the Line Pay application available through Line’s interface. Similarly, the Line chat application grants users access to Line Bitmax Wallet, which is the cryptocurrency exchange launched by Line.

Although Line was initially launched as a chat application but with time, it has developed a lot. The application has continued with several integrations and upgrades, and now, it offers a cryptocurrency exchange as an e-pay platform.

During the promotion phase, Line has announced that the users using the Line Pay platform for making electronic payments will be eligible for the rewards. The users will be able to pay for purchases at 3.8 million partners of PayPay.

Whenever the users make the payment using Line Pay, they will receive $1 worth of LN tokens in the form of a reward. The LN token is the native token that has been launched and operated by Line itself.

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