DefiLlama Puts Drama to Rest, Blames Poor Communication

On Tuesday, the team behind the decentralized finance dashboard DefiLlama apologized for sending the DeFi community into confusion last weekend through a tweet that directed people to a newly launched forked version of the platform.

In a statement, the company said it regrets the events that unfolded on Sunday, citing misunderstanding and poor communication as the major causes.

Over the weekend, a dispute erupted between the DefiLlama co-founders, Oxngmi and OxLlam4, over a possible token release. But the pair has since clarified that there are no plans to launch crypto any time soon. The co-founders, however, promised to engage the community in the future regarding the matter.

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How the Drama Started

On Sunday, Oxngmi announced that he had forked DefiLlama as a result of a hostile takeover involving a token launch. He encouraged his Twitter followers to abandon DefiLlama and use his new platform, He also created a Twitter account for the project, which so far has garnered over 7,000 followers.

As the drama continued to unfold, members of DefiLlama’s official Discord server began to express concerns, with many asking whether the protocol had been hacked.

Meanwhile, a message was posted on the project’s Telegram channel claiming that Oxngmi was attempting to steal DefiLlama’s IP with the help of other employees. But the message has since been deleted.

Further, DefiLlama contributor Tendeeno took to Twitter to claim that OxLlam4 was to be blamed for the dispute because he had decided to forge ahead with token plans despite the team’s disapproval. However, the co-founder saw the tweet and denied the allegations.

DefiLlama’s Community Congratulates Co-Founders for Reuniting

After the reconciliation between the two co-founders, the pair vowed to operate with more transparency in an effort to ensure further disagreements do not erupt. There is also a sigh of relief among DefiLlama’s community members, as many appear to be happy that the team is reunited. One member on the Discord server named oxSerdar said it was great to see the co-founders had found a way to end their dispute.

But despite DefiLlama saying no token is in the works, some members appear to be excited by the idea and have asked the team to reconsider.

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