DeFi Platform Portal Will Conduct Equity Offering

Powered by the Bitcoin blockchain, the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Portal is now offering the general public the opportunity to become co-owners. This will be possible through the Reg D equity offering that the company plans to conduct on the Republic platform. According to the press release, the public sale for the equity offering began on July 18th, Monday.

Republic and Portal

There is no doubt that blockchain technology has turned out to be incredibly versatile and has opened up numerous opportunities. A number of unique finance offerings are being developed because of it and the Republic platform offers people the capability of investing in listed startups. It simplifies the process, making it easy for anyone to purchase equity.

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This is where Portal comes in, as the DeFi protocol has decided to use the platform for its own equity offering. The protocol’s technology is aimed at democratizing Bitcoin’s finance capabilities. Even though most people consider Bitcoin to be just a payment protocol, a system has been developed by Protocol for leveraging its security.

Portal advocates for Bitcoin

Portal is of the opinion that its projects can grow only with the help of its core participants, due to which it has decided to offer equity. In this way, users, collaborators as well as Republic investors would be able to benefit from the company’s profitability and operations.

The market base of Portal’s solution is rather strong and the startup is undoubtedly an attractive investment because Testnet is scheduled for a launch in the next few weeks. Eric Martindale, the chief executive of Portal, said that Bitcoin is the most suitable candidate that would be used for developing the financial infrastructure in the future.

The CEO said that Bitcoin’s metrics are reaching new highs, so the company wants to give people the opportunity to boost infrastructure based on Bitcoin and promote the decentralization of traditional finance. The fact that Portal was able to list on Republic is an achievement because the platform only gives approval to 3% of the applications that are submitted.

DeFi equity offering

As Portal has disclosed, all investors belonging to a number of jurisdictions would be able to participate in the equity offering. It would also be available to investors in the US, as opposed to most equity offerings that are conducted in the digital currency ecosystem. The US investors would be able to use BTC, USDC, ETH, USDT or fiat currency to fund their purchases.

The investment page on the Republic platform said that a minimum of $5,016 has to be invested in Portal, while the maximum investment can reach $61,875,000. The price per share is around $33. The equity offering of Portal has about 1,900 slots available and the new investors will join Arrington XRP Capital and Coinbase Global Inc. as investors in the DeFi startup. These companies are some of their earliest investors. They will give their support to a protocol that offers unique utility on the Bitcoin network, which is quite impressive.

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