DeFi Experts Can Now Develop Projects Safely

As DeFi initiatives increase in the marketplace, so does fraudulent and scam development procedures.

Each development and fundraising mechanism has risks, and launchpads aren’t an exception. Market players might not know how developers spend the money. Moreover, the cryptocurrency industry has witnessed multiple malicious entities utilize fundraising approaches like deceptive commitments and roadmaps to drain investors’ money for personal gains.

GloryPad: Top-Notch IDO Launchpad

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GloryPad allows developers to create IDOs to promote their initiatives and generate early returns. Besides that, GloryPad transfers the generated cash’s ownership to investors from investors. The ecosystem achieves that by disallowing developers’ access to funds without investors’ approval and authorization.

GloryPad allows developers to set tasks and clear paths from the raised fund’s plan to generate donations. Chores do not perform the sale. However, investors trust enterprises with sales conducting more tasks. Tasks can serve as future compensation. The platform sends payment automatically after sales achieve soft cap. Investors can double-check payments destinations and reject jobs that appear disadvantageous for the business.

GloryPad will also act as a social center to connect developers with marketers, funders, influencers, and any interest parties that might help them launch successful ideas. Individuals can submit task requests to GloryPad projects of their choice. Moreover, GloryPad will depend on links to different social platforms to authenticate people that need compensation for the rendered labor.

GloryDox: GloryPad’s Supplement

GloryDox aims to change how Dei project founders verify their identity. It automates the authentication process. Moreover, it does not require human intervention while ensuring proof-of-verification. That helps build confidence. That way, it protects founders, allowing identity validation while they remain safe.

GloryDox uses KYC services from Veriff. Founders receive badges after verification. Moreover, they can add more members to verify independently. Every team member obtains an NFT as verification proof, valid for a year after validation.

Each validated project will have the verification badge on its presale page. Glory’s launchpad will spark a boosted momentum in the crypto industry. Furthermore, average investors will access possibilities exclusive for high-net-worth individuals and venture capitalists.

It will link projects and investors decentralizing the financial marketplace. Launchpads have improved the crypto atmosphere, making investment quicker, easier, and more dependable.

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