Cyprus Hospital Administers COVID-19 Using Blockchain App

The Blockchain community continues to impart the world by taking daily leaps to make life better for all. The harsh impact of COVID-19 has ravaged the world, and now the cryptocurrency world is playing a role, not in the financial stance but rather in the health sector.

In a new report circulating the Blockchain space, Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, a private medical hospital currently providing healthcare services to COVID-19 patients in the European nation, has announced that it had administered the new COVID vaccines to more than 100 doctors and health personnel through a blockchain-built app called E-HCert.

Mediterranean Hospital making giant strides with E-HCert

On the official statement on its website, the hospital admitted that the first set of Vaccines were administered on the 4th of this month through the E-HCert app. The E-HCert, a blockchain-built and backed app by VechainThor Blockchain, was built in partnership with digital healthcare solution provider I-Dante. The application represents a new healthcare record system that aggregates interoperability, immutability, traceability, and compliance.

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The first operation of the cryptocurrency-based app was recorded in May 2020. Since then, it has been used to award certification to individuals who partook in the country’s COVID-19 test. The app has so far been used by 8,000 citizens in the country, especially those traveling within and outside the country, including doctors and health personnel. The advancement of the world towards treating COVID-19 now means that the E-HCert will now be fully utilized. The app’s functions also extend to issuing certificates to patients who have now been treated with the new vaccines.

The Mediterranean Hospital staffs were the first official individuals to be examined using the E-HCert app, and they were consequently granted digital certificates. Through its official social media page, the Mediterranean hospital has confirmed that about 100 beneficiaries have been awarded certificates on their app. The E-HCert technology is already gaining popularity in Cyrus, as another healthcare provider in Nicosia, Aretaeio Hospital, is set to integrate the app into its system. This new milestone is marking another giant leap of the Blockchain community towards the healthcare industry’s digital transformation.

Blockchain changing the world beyond the norms

It is expected that when one sees any news concerning cryptocurrency or Blockchain, the next thing that comes to mind is numbers or money. The blockchain space is digitally transforming the world in a much different capacity as VeChain is leading the pack. VeChain, a blockchain platform for business processes, which include – supply chain and product lifecycle management.

Blockchain technology seeks to provide entities with an overall view of information from various data banks worldwide. As of the time of writing, VeChain boast of two tokens – VeChain token (VET) and VeChain Thor Energy (VTHO). VeChain is currently leading Blockchain towards healthcare. The integration of apps like E-HCert and the cryptocurrency world will continue to expect to see more of such innovation.