Cryptopoint72 Review – Diversifying Trading Portfolio with Crypto Trading

Cryptopoint72 Review
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Read our Cryptopoint72 review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. Cryptopoint72 is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

Cryptopoint72 Review

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I used to be a traditional trader and was proud of it until somebody introduced me to online trading where I was able to expand my trading endeavors. However, as soon as I joined crypto trading, I saw instant growth which ultimately earned me the portfolio I was longing for. I think now I can be of help to those who are hesitating in entering crypto markets and I would insist such persons to continue reading my Cryptopoint72 Review.

Cryptopoint72 was the broker which not only provided me a platform for entering crypto markets but it is also my home whose features have helped me experience the best form of trading. If it is a best platform for me then it could also be the best for you based on the following highlights.

Account Opening Process

Undoubtedly, crypto trading is immensely powerful as it has outperformed even the safest form of trading i.e. gold trading. When I first visited Cryptopoint72, I was instantly intrigued by the fact that the broker was offering account opening with the minimum deposit of GBP 2,500. Usually, arranging of funds for the getting a trading account is a challenge but the challenge wasn’t there for me thanks to the broker where Starter Account could be opened with a very low deposit.

When I compared Starter account with other accounts namely Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP, I noticed that Starter had almost all the features which were part of the most advanced account type namely VIP. For me the best features were firstly the education resources and then the assistance from the account manager.

Trading Tools and Instruments of Trade

The broker also offered me variety of tools even in the Starter account which included tools such as weekly analysis, trading alerts, risk management tools etc.

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I also liked the fact that the broker’s platform was able to offer me diversity in the shape of trading instruments. Everybody knows that the best crypto coin out there is Bitcoin but the whole crypto economy is not dependent upon Bitcoin only. There are more than thousand cryptocurrencies which are part of the crypto economy and the broker was providing offering trading in variety of cryptocurrencies spreading over Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, etc.

Easy Funding, Withdrawal and Deposit

One of the things which I also liked the most about this broker was that the platform accepted different modes of fund transfer, deposit and withdrawal. There are at least three main resources for account funding, deposit and withdrawal namely banking channels, electronic means such as credit/debit cards and crypto-wallet. Crypto payment option is perhaps the best way of withdrawing and deposit money because it is fast and highly secured. With the broker, one also does not need to convert the funds firstly into fiat and then transfer them into the account or wallet.

Similarly, an account is instantly created when the initial deposit requirement is fulfilled. All that is required for sign is that the person opening the account has a registered email address.

Customer Support Facility

You wouldn’t be able to easily find a highly supportive staff which the broker has incorporated in its 24/5 customer support. This support department also offers multilingual assistance for those who couldn’t speak English. You can either call the staff or send them an email if you are coming across a problem which seems beyond your control. They will provide you instant solutions at any given time because they operate five days a week without a pause.

End Remarks

I am convinced that if you will give a chance to Cryptopoint72 to help you explore international crypto markets then you’d never be regretting your decision. I know it is hard to come out of your comfort zone and trying something new like crypto trading. However, the point is that crypto trading is remarkably rewarding and it becomes even better if you have a broker like Cryptopoint72 on your side.